Offline New Caledonia Map

Offline New Caledonia Map

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New Caledonia offline map mobile application. All data is stored in the phone memory for offline usage.

World Offline Maps company provides you with the amazing vector map mobile application, which allows you to browse maps anytime and anywhere and you don't need to pay for data connections. 
No more costly roaming charges when you're abroad. It uses very detailed, high quality, map data from Openstreetmap supported by more than 500.000 users around the world.

I Core Features:

* It's fast and easy
* No mobile roaming charges
* On-board offline maps - no data connection required for map browsing, address search or navigation
* Complete offline functionality 
* Compact maps in a vector data format (means high definition maps with detailed zoom)
* Simply browse maps by dragging and scrolling

II GPS Positioning:

* You will always be able to locate where you are with the GPS positioning
* Compass feature shows your orientation on the map

III Excellent Route Guidance:

* World Offline Maps offers offline routing functionality for you
* Calculate routes just in seconds
* Automatic re-routing, in case you miss a turn, application re-routes you automatically

IV Destination Search:

* Offline search for addresses
* Search by the exact address or postcode of your destination
* Search instantly by clicking any point on the map and pressing "Navigate to"

V Places Search:

* Points Of Interest (POI) search by name available (for example you can search: "UBS Bank", or "Mcdonalds")
* Search POI by category (bars, restaurants, museums, etc.) without internet connection

VI New Caledonia offline maps:

navigation New Caledonia
navi New Caledonia
poi New Caledonia
places New Caledonia
latitude New Caledonia
directions New Caledonia
indoor maps New Caledonia
local search New Caledonia
address New Caledonia
routing New Caledonia
gps New Caledonia
location search New Caledonia
positioning New Caledonia

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