Piracy Incident Report: Vietnam

Piracy Incident Report: Vietnam

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 A detailed report from Allmode Security, with regular updates on piracy activity in the region of Indonesia this year. Incidents include multiple hijacks, boardings and attempted boardings. Despite the increased patrolling and extra monitoring of this particular region, pirates are still managing to board slow moving vessels whilst underway. Allmode advise continued enhanced vigilance in this piracy hotspot.

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Piracy Incident Report: 507

Incident: Boarded
Area: Vungtau anchorage, Vietnam.
Position:10°14’N - 107°03’E 
Date of Incident:16.09.15
Time of Incident: 0820
Information Source: IMB

Robber’s boarded an anchored Bulk Carrier unnoticed. They stole the ship’s properties and escaped. The incident was discovered later in the day.

Allmode Comment:

The number of incidents at Vungtau anchorage has seen a dramatic rise so far this year with an increased number of incidents occurring during daylight hours. Incidents such as these, whereby a perpetrator is able to gain access to a vessel undetected, highlights a vulnerability within the vessels security measures and therefore Masters, Ship owners and managers are strongly advised to review their ship security plan as well as the current level of security training that crews have received for vessels transiting within this region.

Piracy Incident Report: 501

Incident: Boarded
Area: Vung Tau Anchorage, Vietnam.
Position:10°14’N - 107°03’E
Date of Incident:15.08.15 REPORTED LATE
Time of Incident: 0001
Information Source: IMB

Robbers boarded an anchored Bulk Carrier. They broke into the paint locker, stole the ship’s stores and escaped. The theft was noticed by the C/O at 0830 LT. The incident was reported to the Port Control.

Allmode Comment:

There have been nine boardings and one attempted boarding in the port of Vung Tau so far this year. This is a significant increase based on the previous year (only 4 in total) and shows that the port is experiencing an ongoing problem regarding security of vessels anchored there. It is therefore essential that any vessel planning to anchor at this port take significant measures regarding security and remain on high alert with regards to watch-keeping and preventative measures regarding securing stores and boarding locations. 

Piracy Incident Report: 483

Incident: Boarded
Area: Fertiliser Terminal, Ho Chi Minh City Port, Vietnam
Position:10°45’N - 106°42’E
Date of Incident: 15.07.15
Time of Incident: 0340
Information Source: IMB

Eight robbers in two wooden boats, approached and boarded a berthed Bulk Carrier. The duty crew on routine rounds, noticed the robbers and immediately informed the duty officer, who raised the alarm. The duty crew proceeded towards the robbers, but aborted when they saw the robbers were armed with long knives. Upon hearing the alarm and seeing the crew respond, the robbers escaped with the ship’s properties in their boats.

Allmode Comment:

Although robberies are becoming more common in ports in Vietnam, especially at Vung Tau anchorage, robberies from the inland terminals at Ho Chi Minh City Port are rarely reported. In fact, there have been none in both 2014 and 2015. Having said that, criminal gangs in Vietnam are becoming more brazen and potentially violent, choosing to be armed with long knives. It would therefore be foolish for crew members to approach such robbers, for fears of injuries or worse. Training crew in how to respond to such incidents is essential to avoid injury and having good anti-piracy measures in place will help mitigate this risk. 

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Piracy Incident Report: 458

Incident: Suspected Hijack
Area: 200 nm south of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Date of Incident: 08.06.15
Information Source: Media

The LPG tanker, Teknogas was en-route from Hai Phong Vietnam to Palembang, Indonesia when it went missing. Its last AIS recorded position was on 08.06.15, showing that the vessel was sailing at 12° 37’N -109° 34’E, around 6 nautical miles off Vietnam coast.

At around 0230 UTC on 10.06.15, the tanker Teknogas issued a distress signal in position 07° 36’N 108° 00’E and 200 nautical miles south of Saigon, South China sea.

Since then, there has been no further information recorded by AIS. The vessel is managed by the Malaysian Silverline Maritime Sdn Bhd.

Allmode Comment:

If confirmed as a hijacking, this will mark the fourth hijack in the region this month. Please refer to advisory “051 - South East Asia & BMP-4” (www.allmode.org) 

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Piracy Incident Report: 449

Incident: Boarding
Area: Vungtau Anchorage, Vietnam.
Position:10°05’N - 107°02’E
Date of Incident: 04.06.15
Time of Incident (LT):2300
Information Source: IMB

Two robbers boarded an anchored container ship. The duty crew on routine rounds, noticed the robbers and informed the Duty Officer. The alarm was raised and the crew mustered. Seeing the crew respond, the robbers escaped with ship’s stores.

Allmode Comment:

This is the sixth boarding of a vessel at this particular anchorage so far this year, compared to four incidents in total here last year. The perpetrators are moving slightly further away from the port in order to carry out their robberies and this is probably to steer clear of detection from the authorities, who are aware of the rise in robberies from vessels at this port. Vessels should ensure that all of the ship’s spares and stores are locked away adequately and that these store areas are illuminated at night to aid watch-keeping.














Piracy Incident Report: 426

Incident: Boarding
Area: Around 158nm SE of Vung Tau, Vietnam
Position: 08°19’N - 108°51’E
Date of Incident: 16.05.15
Time of Incident (LT):0525
Information Source: IMB

Whilst underway, the Chief Officer on-board a heavy-lift cargo ship, detected some suspicious noises near the stern of the vessel. He immediately switched on the deck lights, sent the duty crew to investigate and informed the Master. As the duty crew approached the aft, he noticed a boat moving away from the stern of the ship. Upon investigation, it was found that the padlocks to all the ship’s stores and engine room entrance were missing and ship’s property had been stolen.

Allmode Comment:

This particular incident occurred in open waters far from the Vietnamese coastal waters and is unusual for a vessel to be boarded in this position whilst underway. It is clear that the perpetrators had the necessary equipment to board a moving vessel and cut through the padlocks to the various storerooms. Therefore it is likely that the robbery must have been pre- planned, as this equipment would not be necessary for fishing. It could therefore signal a change in modus operandi for the gangs using the ports in Vietnam, as a means of avoiding the authorities patrolling the Territorial waters. 

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Piracy Incident Report: 420

Incident: Boarding
Area:Around 6.5nm South of Vung Tau, Vietnam
Position: 10°12’N - 107°04’E 
Date of Incident: 11.05.15 REPORTED LATE
Time of Incident (LT):1230
Information Source: IMB

 Robbers in a fishing boat, came alongside and boarded an anchored bulk carrier with a hook attached with a rope. They boarded the vessel and broke two padlocks of the deck stores and stole ship’s stores, before making their escaped. The alarm was raised and the crew made a thorough search and found several footprints on the deck. The incident was reported to the port control.

Allmode Comment:
Vietnam ports and anchorages are experiencing a urge in piracy incidents, the most for the past five years. The local authorities are urging the port authorities and law enforcement agencies to step up surveillance at these ports. In all of the cases so far this year, the robbers have escaped once they have been detected and ships are therefore advised to increase their watch keeping and sound the ship’s horn, when unknown persons are spotted on your vessel.




















Piracy Incident Report: 379

Incident: Boarding
Area: Off Hon Gai, Vietnam. 
Position: 20°41’N - 107°17’E 
Date of Incident: 25/02/2015 REPORTED LATE
Time of Incident (LT):0130
Information Source: IMB

 Four robbers, armed with knives, boarded an anchored Bulk Carrier. The OOW raised the alarm and all the crew were alerted. Seeing the crew respond, the robbers escaped with ship’s stores. The agent and the port authorities were notified. This notification is for statistical purposes, as it has been reported a month late












Piracy Incident Report: 363

Incident: Boarding
Area: Vung Tau Anchorage, Vietnam
Position: 10°07’N 107°02’E
Date of Incident: 25/01/2015 LATE REPORT
Time of Incident (LT):0655
Information Source: IMB

Duty officer on-board an anchored bulk carrier noticed a small fishing boat approaching the ship. He alerted the duty AB who noticed the boat slowly moving away from the ship. As he continued his deck patrol he noticed five robbers stealing ship’s stores. Seeing the approaching AB the robbers chased him with long pipes and knives. The AB retreated into the accommodation, secured it and informed the duty officer who raised the alarm and crew mustered. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped. Upon inspection, it was reported that stores from the paint locker were stolen. Port Control was informed and the Harbour Master boarded the ship for investigation.

Allmode Comment: This incident was reported late by the IMB. On the 4th February a further incident took place in almost the exact same location (See Piracy Update: 342) which indicates that an active pirate action group (PAG) are in operation in and around this anchorage. 24/7 deck watches must be maintained to prevent robbers gaining access to the vessel. All stores and access points must be kept locked and all crew members should have the relevant security training to help to secure your vessel and to safeguard themselves should an incident occur.


Piracy Incident Report: 342

Incident: Boarding
Area: Around 7nm South of Vungtau,
Position: 10°12’N 107°03’E
Date of Incident: 04/02/2015
Time of Incident (LT): 0730
Information Source: IMB

 Five robbers boarded an anchored container ship. Alert crew spotted the robbers and raised the alarm. Seeing the crew vigilance, the robbers escaped with stolen ship’s store.

Allmode Comment: 24/7 deck watches must be maintained to prevent robbers gaining access to the vessel. All stores and access points must be kept locked whilst at anchored in the region. Crew security training can help to secure your vessel. 


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