Piracy Incident Report: Oman

Piracy Incident Report: Oman

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Piracy Incident Report: 456

Incident Type: Suspicious Approach
Area: Gulf of Oman
Position:24°36’N - 057°47’E
Date of Incident: 15.06.15
Time of Incident (LT): 1506
Information Source: :UKMTO

An MV reported that two white hulled skiffs, each with two engines, approached at high speed. One of the skiffs with two people on board closed to 1nm on the port side, the other skiff with five people on board approached to within 500m on the starboard side. The armed security team fired one warning shot at the skiff on the starboard side, Following this, both skiffs stopped their approach. No weapons or ladders were sighted. The vessel and crew are safe.

Allmode Comment:

With the recent attacks in the Gulf of Oman against vessels transiting this route, shipping companies have warned vessels to be extra vigilant and to keep as far away from the coast of Iran as possible. 

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Piracy Incident Report: 421

Incident Type:Fired Upon
Area: 15nm South of Abu Musa, Persian Gulf
Position: As above
Date of Incident: 14.05.2015 
Time of Incident (LT): 0800
Information Source: :UKMTO

A Merchant Vessel was approached by five small boats, 15nm south of Abu Musa island. The vessel was then ordered to divert course and refused to do so. As a result, the small boats fired shots in the direction of the MV. No-one was hurt in the incident, but it has all the tell-tale signs of a similar incident late last month, involving the Maersk Tigris (28th April – 7th May). The vessel continued on its way and reported the incident to the UKMTO.

Allmode Comment:
In the light of increased tension in this region, it would be advisable that all vessels proceed with caution and heightened vigilance and report any similar incidents to the UKMTO immediately. Try to avoid transiting close to Iranian territorial waters.
Iran appear to be carrying out their own agenda in this region and this puts all vessels at risk. In a similar incident in April, five small boats were used carrying military personnel. They are armed and will use force if required.





















Piracy Incident Report 330

Incident Type: Suspicious Approach

A ships Master reported detecting one white/grey/orange fishing boat and three skiffs at 5nm. The Master then reported being approached by three grey and white hulled skiffs, of which some had two outboard engines and where passaging at high speed, approx. 28Kts. Each skiff had three POB.

Skiffs crossed MV’s stbd bow at a distance of five cables. The MV activated ship’s alarm, turned search light on and AST showed their weapons. Skiffs moved away and made no further approach. No Weapons and No ladders seen. MV is safe. Allmode Comment: The Master and the AST carried out the correct procedures to prevent what could have been a possible pirate approach. We would advise however that at a distance of 5 cables (approx. 925 meters) it is very difficult to determine skiffs intentions or identify pirate paraphernalia and for the POB aboard the skiffs to see the AST’s show of force.

It is common within the region for small skiffs to operate from larger fishing boats, and occasionally innocent intentions of fishermen can be misinterpreted. Ensuring that you operate with a credible PMSC that is compliant and fully understands the Rules For Use of Force is essential.


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