• Breathing Exercises to Keep you Calm On Board

    Posted: 6th January 2020 | Written by: Reni Horvath

    Working on a superyacht can often be overwhelming: the long working hours, the fast-paced environment where peak performance is always expected, time spent away from your loved ones with limited space to yourself. Depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health problems are increasing in the life of many crew members, but what if we told you that by changing the way you breathe, you can become more resilient and even change your life?
  • Choose your Mood - Positive Thinking versus Negative Spiral

    Posted: 17th December 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

    Emotional wellbeing is a hot topic in today’s society, and more and more cases of depression and anxiety are being openly discussed. No longer a taboo, we can now express ourselves more candidly if we choose to. However another opportunity of our self-awareness is the choice to be our own coach and counsellor; to help ourselves through those times when our thoughts clamour and our emotions and logic start battling one another.
  • Managing Your Emotional Responses Onboard

    Posted: 9th December 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    Karine Portrait4
    So often we confuse thoughts with feelings. We are not the feelings that we experience, yet we often make the mistake of saying statements such as “I'm stressed” or “I’m sad”. By framing our emotions in this way, we are effectively making the emotion a part of our identity when emotions are actually fluid and experiential in nature. They do pass, and you are not be stressed or sad for eternity.
  • Crew Tips for Better Rest and Sleep

    Posted: 5th November 2019 | Written by: John Breese

    While working onboard a superyacht is an extremely exciting proposition, it also comes with certain challenges – one of the most important being disruptions to your sleep schedule, which is bound to be an irregular one on board.
  • Crew Tips for Avoiding Injury Onboard

    Posted: 30th October 2019 | Written by: Reni Horvath

    While working onboard a superyacht sounds like a fantastic opportunity to travel the seas and explore the world, beyond the surface there’s a lot of hard work. Crew can easily be on their feet for up to 16 hours a day, with owners and guests who expect nothing less than the highest standards.
  • Let's Talk About Mental Health at Sea

    Posted: 10th October 2019 | Written by: Naomi Chadderton

    World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on October 10th to encourage open conversations about mental health conditions which is extremely important because let’s face it, even though working at sea onboard a superyacht might sound like the dream job to many, the mental and physical strain that comes with it often goes unseen.
  • Mindfulness Trends in the Workplace

    Posted: 4th September 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    In today’s industry, high crew turnover is increasingly becoming a problem. Largely a result of burnout or interpersonal conflict among crew, it’s necessary that heads of departments are better equipped in implementing strategies to help mitigate against mental health risks, toxic working relationships and crew turnover.
  • Managing Your Mental Health Onboard

    Posted: 29th August 2019 | Written by: Karen Passman

    chris lawton SDBU89ngWD4 unsplash 140
    The mental health of seafarers is a hot topic and, with greater understanding of its impact in the workplace, the superyacht industry is taking stock. With one in four people struggling with poor mental health at some point in their lives, there’s growing consensus that we should do more to support crew and spread awareness of the help available in times of need.
  • Mental Health Handbook from The Crew Coach

    Posted: 23rd June 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    Karine Rayson 140
    Recently, the Life is for Living event took place in Palma, an event championed by yacht crew and local business owners to raise awareness of mental health in the yachting industry. To share this information more widely, I've compiled a Mental Health Handbook as a practical guide for crew and shore based professionals.
  • Calls for Crew Wellbeing to be Enshrined in Law

    Posted: 13th June 2019 | Written by: Helen Kelly - Nautilus Int.

    Man sad Unsplash modern affliction
    As shocking statistics on seafarer suicides and depression are published, calls are growing for crew wellbeing to be linked with ship safety and included in international regulations. Meanwhile, shipowners are being urged to improve onboard internet access, as an increasing body of research underlines the importance of connectivity in combatting loneliness and isolation. Helen Kelly of Nautilus International reports.
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