Green Yachts introduces inflatable climbing walls for yachts

Posted: 4th February 2013 | Written by: OnboardOnline, with World Interior Design Network

Climbing wall

The biggest problem facing people with the dual passions of rock climbing and yachting has been that they tend to be mutually exclusive. There are very few places that allow for you to both climb and be on the water – with Mallorca, Greece, Vietnam and Thailand being some of the rare exceptions. 

Even rarer: Having the opportunity to actually climb over the water so that, if you fall, you fall down into a big blue splash. The climbing community calls it Psicobloc, or Deep-water Soloing.

But now an Italian company has solved that problem of mutual exclusivity and created a product that allows superyachts all over the world to offer the Deep-water Soloing experience to anyone, no matter where they are.

Green Yachts has developed an inflatable climbing wall for megayachts – touted as the world's first.

The wall has three different route types, each one characterised by a different colour to indicate the difficulty. The courses have been designed by professional rock climbers and can be customised according to the customer. The holds of green colour are the easiest and ergonomic, those of yellow colour have a medium degree of difficulty, while the holds of red colour are smaller and positioned in a way to make the climbing very difficult.

Available in standard size of 5m x 3m, the wall can be totally customised to suit the shape of the yacht, with hikes to the peak either vertical or horizontal.

Climbing Wall is designed as a fun product for yachts and megayachts to allow users to spend some time onboard in a different way.

(Source: Google News: World Interior Design Network.)


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  • Comment by: Marc du Toit - 25/07/2013 12:44pm (6 years ago)

    What an awesome idea!