• Yacht Tender Market Review

    Posted: 24th September 2013 | Written by: Simon Billington

    Simon Billington Tendacentre profile shot2
    The yacht tender market continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace, with many new and innovative models debuting at the recent Monaco Yacht Show. As the yachts that carry them grow in scale and sophistication, so do their tenders, creating interesting challenges for designers and manufacturers, who often need to meet a range of precise but conflicting requirements.
  • The Case for Chase Boats

    Posted: 26th August 2013 | Written by: Simon Billington

    Simon Billington Tendacentre profile shot
    If you have ever wished you had a bigger tender, but don’t have room to store it on board, you are not alone. A chase boat could be the answer to your problems, but it’s important to choose the right vessel and take into account how you intend to transport it.
  • SEAmagine Submarines

    Posted: 19th July 2013 | Written by: SEAmagine

    SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation- the original pioneer since 1995 of the design and manufacturing of small submersibles- has established nine of its submersibles on various ships and yachts and its submarines have now accumulated over 12,000 dives around the world.
  • Top Superyacht Toys of 2013

    Posted: 25th April 2013 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Josh Richardson3
    The superyacht toy market is exploding with new and exciting toys that can be carried on board and used on the surface, in the air or underwater. A selection of tried and tested, realistic options can be seen below. All of these are all currently available to purchase.
  • The Changing Face of Superyacht Toys

    Posted: 22nd March 2013 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Josh Richardson2
    Yacht ownership is all about family, fun and relaxation. No other element of the yacht experience meets these criteria better than being able to mess around on toys and interact with friends on the water in the local environment. As technology has advanced, owners, guests and charterers have been screaming out for more and more exciting ways to do this. So manufacturers have been developing and offering new, highly advanced products capable of flying, diving or surfing.
  • Play it safe: The legal obligations of superyacht toys

    Posted: 12th February 2013 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Josh Richardson
    There is currently a big difference between what is recommended and what is actually required onboard a superyacht in relation to tenders and toys as the law on superyacht toys is unable to keep up with their development. There are therefore some large grey areas. However, the RYA, the national body for all forms of boating in the UK, is generally at the forefront of yachting qualifications worldwide and has a strong part to play in advising the MCA and red ensign yachts.
  • Green Yachts introduces inflatable climbing walls for yachts

    Posted: 4th February 2013 | Written by: OnboardOnline, with World Interior Design Network

    Climbing wall
    The biggest problem facing people with the dual passions of rock climbing and yachting has been that they tend to be mutually exclusive. There are very few places that allow for you to both climb and be on the water. Now, Italy-based Green Yachts has solved that problem by developing an inflatable climbing wall for megayachts – touted as the world's first.
  • Do you supply, manufacture or repair tenders or toys?

    Posted: 22nd January 2013 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    OO Needs you rev 4
    OnboardOnline features topical articles from professionals working in all areas and at all levels of the yachting industry. We're looking for people who can write and are keen to share their knowledge and opinions with our readers. Are you involved with the supply of tenders and toys? If so, and you would like to write for us, please send an email to editor@onboardonline.com or visit our 'Write For Us' page and tell us more!
  • Jetlev Takes Off

    Posted: 7th January 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    OO Jetlev photo edited
    It was the belle of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. One of the first stands you came across after entering the Boat-Builders and Designers Tent. A large space with a jet ski-looking vessel at the center and a couple of futuristic-looking jetpacks standing guard nearby like sentinels. Large crowds gathered around to look at the new toy: a Jetlev – somehow a cross between “The Jetsons” and “Waterworld”. What the thing really was, however, was a water-powered jetpack. Here’s how it works: Take a jet ski, and instead of pumping water out the stern of the craft to create propulsion..
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