• NOC or SOC, that is the Question

    Posted: 16th August 2018 | Written by: Simon Saunders

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    For an ETO, one of the challenges is to ensure VSAT, TV, 4G and IT remain up and running throughout the yachting season. While every VSAT contract comes with access to a Network Operation Centre (NOC), many yachts opt for a superior level of support, but it's difficult to know exactly what you will need. Pablo Galarza, e3 Systems' senior satellite engineer, explains the options.
  • Seahub Gets Onboard with Sea Shepherd Global

    Posted: 18th June 2018 | Written by: Sam Wheaton

    Matt on Stee Irwin 140
    We first became aware of Sea Shepherd with the documentary series ‘Whale Wars’ which triggered a desire to know more about marine conservation. As engineers, we also wanted to know how they manage maintenance of their fleet which typically operates in remote areas, so earlier this year we met with their Chief Engineer, Brian Race, to see if Seahub could offer support.
  • Myth Busting Superyacht Connectivity

    Posted: 31st May 2018 | Written by: David Savage

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    As the Med season approaches, who among us is not interested in faster, more reliable and significantly cheaper connectivity? There are some universal limitations, such as the speed of light, but most owners could save a fortune and enjoy a better experience with minimal capital outlay. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
  • Myth Busting VSAT Contracts

    Posted: 8th May 2018 | Written by: David Savage

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    Satellite broadband, or VSAT, can seem dauntingly complex to those of us who aren’t ETOs or IT experts, so it’s important that providers try to see things through the eyes of the end user and tailor solutions to individual yachts. David Savage, Group Executive Chairman of Excelerate Marine, takes us through the most important factors to consider when choosing a VSAT solution in the real world.
  • A New Era of Ultra-Flexible Connectivity

    Posted: 4th May 2018 | Written by: Simon Saunders

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    The delivery of data to yachts has remained virtually unchanged for the past 15 years, unlike terrestrial broadband which has continued to evolve with competition driving down prices. For yachts we’ve mostly seen a 'one size fits all' approach, tying users to long and rigid contracts, but e3 is now shaking up the market to make connectivity more flexible and straightforward.
  • Drones Doing the Dirty Work

    Posted: 30th April 2018 | Written by: Nautilus Int. - Steve Kennedy

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    A Nautilus member is pioneering the use of drones to carry out dangerous and dirty work on ships. Claiming that 'Drones have a large role to play in the maritime industry', David Knukkel explains how robotics can not only cut costs but also save lives.
  • Software to Supercharge Your Two-Way Portable Radio

    Posted: 10th April 2018 | Written by: OnboardOnline

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    Communications and service technology within the luxury marine industry has evolved immensely over the past few decades. Net-Logic is one company at the vanguard, developers of the world’s first wireless Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) and more recently VesselWatch, intelligent software expanding the capabilities of hand held radios onboard yachts.
  • Secrets to a Successful Boat Show Season

    Posted: 13th March 2018 | Written by: Matthew Hyde

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    Boat Shows are great fun and bring visitors together from all over the world but setting up a booth for a software company can have its challenges. Looking back, two years after our launch of Hunter Oceanic and many a boat show later, we have gathered some tips worth sharing.
  • Captain Cameron Lee on Developing EfficientSea

    Posted: 18th January 2018 | Written by: Sam Watson

    Cameron Lee's game-changing EfficientSea App embodies the dictum that necessity is the mother of all invention. An experienced superyacht captain with over 85,000 sea miles under his belt, Lee was fed up with juggling paperwork and the practical demands of being a captain when the thought struck that there should be an app for that.
  • Seamless Handovers & Crew Vacations

    Posted: 19th December 2017 | Written by: Sam Wheaton

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    The holidays are nearing...with the festive joy comes the administrative nightmare of replacing crew who are on leave. The transfer can also cause concern in those away from their boat who just hope that work will continue as usual in their departments, with maintenance performed and critical processes correctly understood. The use of a Planned Maintenance System on a yacht can greatly streamline the transfer of information to new crew.
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