• Speaking to Arthur de Lucy at Carenantilles Shipyard in Martinique

    Posted: 9th May 2019 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Carenantilles Arthur thumb2
    Tucked into the well-protected Le Marin Bay on Martinique, Carenantilles shipyard is forging a sterling reputation thanks to captains' word of mouth. Founded 25 years ago, the shipyard soon became a byword for Martinique's development as a boating destination. The ambition today, according to MD Arthur de Lucy, is to become the shipyard of choice for superyachts in the Southern Caribbean.
  • Planned Maintenance: Bold Predictions for 2019

    Posted: 24th February 2019 | Written by: Sam Wheaton - Seahub

    Seahub Sam thumb3
    Sam Wheaton, commercial director of Seahub reviews how the market for planned maintenance systems shaped up in 2018 with some bold predictions for the year ahead. Shipyards are pushing design and construction to new limits while crew are enjoying greater access to new technologies and ideas to enhance their onboard operations.
  • Gyms on Yachts

    Posted: 20th December 2018 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Gyms on yachts thumb
    It has been a number of years since Larry Ellisson refitted Enigma in 1999 with a basketball court and made sports courts the latest superyacht 'must have'. Whilst many yachts have not got space, some notable newbuilds design activity areas in from the outset, utilising available space on deck to cater for sports lovers. Notable examples include the Feadships MY JOY and MY Anna which Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT) have been involved in.
  • Crew Build a Yacht – Project Assemble

    Posted: 4th December 2018 | Written by: Sam Wheaton

    Seahub Sam thumb2
    Working within the yachting industry is unique in every sense of the word. In particular, it’s common for superyacht crew to move between vessels as they advance through the ranks or seek pastures green. Being exposed to a wide range of equipment and systems gave the team at Seahub an idea in the shape of 'Project Assemble', a yacht designed entirely by crew.
  • Implementing PMS Solutions for Yachts in Build is the New Norm

    Posted: 25th September 2018 | Written by: Matt Hyde - Seahub

    seahub thumbnail2
    New builds are a chance to improve on the way things have been done in the past and give owners and build engineers the opportunity to fulfil their wildest design and engineering dreams. The deployment of planned maintenance systems (PMS) during the design and build phase is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but the new norm. By implementing a system during this phase, captains and engineers are going a long way towards correctly maintaining their vessel from day one.
  • Crew Life in the Shipyard

    Posted: 15th May 2018 | Written by: Matt Hyde

    Matt and Sam thumb3
    If you’re a crew member in the superyacht industry you’ll be all too familiar with the process of an annual yard period or even a major refit. There are many factors that make up a great refit facility or haul out centre, all of which are major considerations when captains are weighing up the options. Here are some experiences from the team at Seahub and how they have managed yard periods!
  • Before & After: Orams Marine's Refit of Latitude a World Superyacht Award Finalist

    Posted: 9th April 2018 | Written by: Isla McKechnie

    Auckland westhaven HarbourBridge2
    Auckland’s Orams Marine has been named as a finalist for the prestigious World Superyacht Awards in the Refit of the Year category. The company, based in the marine industry area of Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter has been lauded for its work on 45 metre motoryacht, Latitude. The project saw 12 months of work completed in exactly 184 days - an ambitious target time frame set before work began.
  • Xavier Nedjam, Nautech Shipyard Group

    Posted: 27th September 2017 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    xavier nedjam
    As one of the oldest luxury superyacht refit and repair shipyards in the South of France, the Nautech Group has enjoyed years of continued growth and that development continues in 2017 with the acquisition of additional shipyards in both France and the Caribbean. In Xavier Nedjam's words: 'As a company we have an international outlook, focusing on quality refits with close relationships with owners, captains and management companies. We also have our own in-house naval architects and interior designers.'
  • Superyacht Refits: The Case for an Independent Project Manager

    Posted: 26th September 2016 | Written by: Pippa Nicholas

    Pippathumb 2
    The annual refit or yard period of a yacht is a time that many yacht captains and engineers dread. With endless lists of requirements for cost approval and ever more mandatory requirements for commercial registrations, is it more prudent to hire a professional project manager for the shore based operations of the vessel?
  • Feadship's 66m M/Y Vanish: Part II

    Posted: 16th June 2016 | Written by: Kelly Sanford

    NJ thumb4
    It all starts with a simple binary decision: Am I going to buy a boat? It’s a yes or no question. For the fortunate few for whom the answer is yes, it's an exciting time. But buying a yacht is a major investment, and the pesky devil dwells in the details. This is where an adept broker’s practical experience and understanding can help you narrow your focus and guide you in making the right choice without spoiling the fun.
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