• Crew Look After Superyachts, but who Looks After Crew?

    Posted: 28th October 2019 | Written by: Melanie Langley

    Superyacht crewing has become one of the go-to careers for young men and women looking to earn great money while sailing to exotic locations aboard multi-million-dollar luxury yachts. It's crucial you protect yourself with an individual life and medical insurance policy that is never more than a phone call away wherever in the world you may be.
  • Safety Afloat: There’s no Excuse for Being all at Sea

    Posted: 10th September 2019 | Written by: John Dodd

    The sheer number of leisure sailors who take to the water each year with an inadequate or careless understanding of the equipment, processes and services needed to keep their vessels and themselves safe is a constant source of concern – and dismay. In the first of our five part series with Inmarsat, John Dodd, Maritime Director of Safety Services gives an overview of the safety services available to leisure sailors and debunks a few myths.
  • What is Travel Risk Management?

    Posted: 16th April 2019 | Written by: Nicky Demellweek

    hiking mountain backpacker rock cliff PXhere
    You wouldn't leave port without referring to the charts and checking the forecasts, so why leave other potential risks unmapped? In an unsettled world where yachts are venturing further afield, Travel Risk Management is fast becoming an integral part of a yacht’s approach to safety - so what are the benefits and what's involved?
  • Annual Insurance Review: MSCB Has Your Back

    Posted: 26th February 2019 | Written by: Michael Weare

    moore stephens medical thumb
    Another year, another insurance review. It doesn’t sound too exciting does it, but there is no doubt, as a busy yacht crew professional it’s vital to get your insurance needs in order before another hectic year of sailing gets under way.
  • 10 Travel Safety Resolutions You Should Make in 2019

    Posted: 10th January 2019 | Written by: Elizabeth Dann

    Securewest globe travel
    Crew are no strangers to stringent security protocol when it comes to ensuring smooth operations and the safety of all onboard. Meanwhile employers are responsible for the security of crew whether working or on holiday, as well as the safety of shore based staff who travel the globe to visit clients or boat shows. Here are 10 resolutions to consider in your travel risk management this year.
  • 7 Reasons For Having Your Own Medical Insurance

    Posted: 10th December 2018 | Written by: Melanie Langley

    MSCB thumb2
    While superyacht crew are exceptionally good at giving first class service to their guests, they’re also notoriously bad at looking after themselves when it comes to the vital area of medical insurance. But to ensure a long and healthy yachting career it’s important to look after number one.
  • Safety Questions Left Unanswered

    Posted: 27th August 2018 | Written by: Nautilus International

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    Nautilus, has expressed concern at a new study highlighting the failure of many major ship registries to produce accident investigation reports on time – or at all. The Union says valuable lessons that could prevent seafarer deaths are being lost because of the negligence of certain flag states.
  • Maternity Cover for Seafarers

    Posted: 23rd July 2018 | Written by: Melanie Langley

    baby onboard adapted2
    Pregnancy onboard can be a difficult voyage for the unprepared and the uninsured female and your employment rights may not be protected in the same way as they would be on dry land. As a woman you need to equip yourself with the facts and an insurance policy that will offer you the protection you need.
  • Wellbeing at Work: Seafarer Happiness Index Results

    Posted: 17th April 2018 | Written by: Nautilus Int. - Andrew Linington

    Nautilus happiness thumb
    The Mission to Seafarers has launched its report on the findings of the Seafarer Happiness Index survey, which collates feedback on 10 key areas of life at sea, including mental and physical health, diet, rest, workloads, connectivity and access to shore leave. The concerning results show that seafarer happiness has been falling for the last three years, a decline which should prompt reassessment among those in the industry of crew's working conditions, workload and access to support.
  • No Better Reassurance than Adequate Medical Insurance

    Posted: 12th February 2018 | Written by: Simon Dixon

    medical thumb3
    As hard-working, hard-playing yacht crew, are you suffering from a torpid and sluggish liver? Bilious headache and sour stomach? Seeking a sure-fire remedy that’s never been known to fail? By the 19th century, there was certainly no shortage of cads and bounders willing to take your money in exchange for their questionable cure-alls. How should crew today protect themselves and make sure they're not being taken for a ride?
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