• Maritime Piracy Outlook 2016

    Posted: 8th March 2016 | Written by: Sebastian Villyn - SAMI

    piracy portrait uS navy
    2015 saw a global increase of 10% in piracy and armed robbery at sea, driven by an increase in the number of cases reported in South-east Asia and the Americas. By contrast, activity levels in East and West Africa continued to fall. With the data for 2015 compiled, what can we expect in four key regions over the next 12 months?
  • Caribbean Piracy

    Posted: 4th December 2015 | Written by: SAMI Sea Security

    Trinidad and Tobago CIA WFB Map
    While SE Asia has been the primary focus of most piracy reports in recent months, there are other areas in which the problems still pervade. West and East Africa may have seen dips in the volume of attacks, but one hot spot which is not usually synonymous with pirates has seen a rise in number, frequency and indeed the ferociousness of attacks.
  • Piracy: Focus on South East Asia

    Posted: 30th November 2015 | Written by: SAMI

    piracy boat
    It has been an interesting few months from a global piracy perspective – the same problems abound in the same places, but there are calls for a standardised approach to reporting attacks which is perhaps even more important as data appears to be getting skewed.
  • Advisory: Reduction in HRA for Best Management Practices

    Posted: 3rd November 2015 | Written by: Allmode Security

    This advisory is issued in response to the recent announcement of a reduction of the High Risk Area (HRA) for Best Management Practices (BMP)-4 purposes by BIMCO, the co-sponsors of BMP-4 and the European Union Chair of the Contact Group of Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) on the 08/10/15. It is intended to address a degree of confusion around the issue.
  • Piracy Incident Report: Indonesia

    Posted: 5th October 2015 | Written by: Allmode

    Four robbers, armed with machetes, boarded a Product Tanker whilst at anchor. Hearing the intrusion alarm, the OOW contacted the duty crew to check. When the aft crew did not reply, the AB keeping watch on the forecastle, was instructed to investigate.
  • Piracy Incident Report: Phillipines

    Posted: 28th September 2015 | Written by: Allmode

    Screen Shot 2015 06 23 at 12.06.40
    Robbers boarded a berthed Product Tanker unnoticed. They stole ship’s property and escaped. The theft was reported by the AB on rounds, who found the forward mooring rope cut and noticed the ship's property missing.
  • Allmode Advisory 062: Nigeria

    Posted: 28th September 2015 | Written by: Allmode

    allmode logo54
    On the 24.09.15, the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), has issued a security alert on the likelihood of Boko Haram attack on Lagos seaports.
  • Piracy Incident Report: Vietnam

    Posted: 24th September 2015 | Written by: Allmode

    Screen Shot 2015 06 23 at 11.19.31
    Robber’s boarded an anchored Bulk Carrier unnoticed. They stole the ship’s properties and escaped. The incident was discovered later in the day
  • Allmode Advisory: Kidnapping

    Posted: 24th September 2015 | Written by: Allmode

    At 11.23 pm, eleven armed men entered the dock area at the Oceanview resort on Samal island. They overpowered the security guards and proceeded to abduct four people from the resort; 2 Canadians, 1 Norwegian and a Filipina woman.
  • Piracy Incident Report: Singapore Straits

    Posted: 14th September 2015 | Written by: Allmode

    Screen Shot 2015 06 23 at 12.27.57
    Four robbers boarded an anchored tanker unnoticed. They broke into the engine room, stole engine spares and escaped. The Master informed the CSO of the security breach.
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