• Credit card management can lower debts further

    Posted: 1st November 2013 | Written by: Debt Legal

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    As flexible as credit cards are, unlike cash, you could end up paying extra money just to use them and these charges are unwelcome at the best of times, especially when you are trying to budget and lower your expenditure. Here are some ideas for people who are tryng to cut their balances further.
  • The Conflict between Marine Insurance Policies and Shipyard Contracts

    Posted: 19th October 2013 | Written by: Danielle J. Butler

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    Reading a yacht insurance policy is often like reading a novel in Greek but, it' vital to understand your policy to protect yourself from breaching it or being denied coverage.
  • Some Thoughts on the new Seafarer’s Employment Agreement

    Posted: 25th September 2013 | Written by: Jörg Wendt

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    What's really new about the MLC? Are the new contracts always favourable for yacht crew? What should you look out for in your SEA's? Jörg Wendt from D and B Services tells you some things to watch out for in the new regulations.
  • Boat Care, Custody and Control under Florida Statutes

    Posted: 19th August 2013 | Written by: Danielle J. Butler

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    How does a boat dealer or Florida licensed yacht broker import a boat into Florida for sale? If a boat is brought into Florida for the sole purpose of sale by a boat dealer or Florida licensed yacht broker, it will be exempt from Florida Use Tax. The boat must be under the immediate care, custody, and control of the boat dealer or Florida licensed yacht broker and no personal use may be made of the boat during that time.
  • Tale of Two VATs: French exemption and what it means for you

    Posted: 22nd May 2013 | Written by: Grant Atchison

    Grant Atchison
    The French Commercial Exemption (“FCE”) was first introduced into national law in 2004 as a clever piece of legislation, unique to France, designed to allow VAT exemption to the commercial activities undertaken by yachts operating within France.
  • Good Faith Deposits

    Posted: 17th April 2013 | Written by: Danielle J. Butler Esq.

    Danielle Butler
    With most failed yachting transactions, the biggest reason for litigation is determining who breached the agreement and what happens to the money that’s already changed hands – otherwise known as the “good faith deposit.” The good faith deposit usually equals 10 per cent of the buyer’s offer.
  • Things to Know Before Contracting to Build a Yacht

    Posted: 25th February 2013 | Written by: Andrew High

    Andrew High
    The current worldwide economic climate has forced shipyards to reduce prices for new construction in order to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Oftentimes, prospective purchasers will find it more cost-effective to purchase new construction with warranties, as opposed to a comparably priced brokerage boat. As such, purchasing a newly constructed vessel has become an attractive option for both experienced boaters and first-timers to the world of yachts.
  • Vessel Arrest in the USA

    Posted: 13th January 2013 | Written by: Danielle J. Butler Esq.

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    The arrest of a vessel in the USA, whether she is private or commercial, is part of the process by which a Court in Admiralty gains jurisdiction over the subject matter of a lawsuit. These lawsuits are known as "in rem" actions, meaning that the action is against a thing, rather than against a person. Generally, the vessel itself is responsible for payment of liens, mortgages or any other maritime lien that may arise.
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