• Superyacht Documents and Certificates: An Overview

    Posted: 30th December 2019 | Written by: Claudia Casalis, Esq. and Nicholas J. Zeher, Esq.

    As many of you know, vessels and owners will need certain certificates and documents for the closing of a sale. With a few exceptions, what is needed will primarily depend on the tonnage of the vessel and whether it will be used as a commercial or recreational vessel, and in this article, we discuss considerations for the latter.
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Dual Agency Broker Representation in the US

    Posted: 25th October 2019 | Written by: Claudia Casalis & Nicholas J. Zeher

    While yacht brokers often welcome a dual agency because it usually means they receive a higher commission from the sale, there are many things that a broker should know before moving forward as it's easy to run afoul of the heightened fiduciary duties.
  • Dispute Resolution Clauses – Ignore at your Peril!

    Posted: 4th October 2019 | Written by: Sarah Allan

    Law, jurisdiction and dispute resolution provisions, including expert determination clauses are often overlooked in a heated contractual negotiation. Not unsurprisingly, at the start of a commercial relationship one is not focused on what might happen if things go wrong. Fast forward a few years and this is the first clause that lawyers will look at to get any claim in contract off the ground in the event of a dispute.
  • Yacht Ownership - The End of Leasing Schemes?

    Posted: 20th August 2019 | Written by: Dominion

    Euro cogs3
    In 2018 following the Mercedes-Benz ruling, both Cyprus and Malta withdrew their popular Leasing Schemes for superyachts. Both jurisdictions introduced revised schemes and both failed scrutiny a second time. It is now evident that the EU will no longer allow any jurisdiction to provide an ownership structure whereby goods can be acquired over a lease period with reduced rates of VAT and a VAT paid status at the end of the lease period.
  • WYCC on the Market for Yacht Crew Insurance

    Posted: 8th July 2019 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    WYCC Mathieu Henri 140
    Superyacht crew insurance has remained fairly static for years but recent changes in regulations in both Europe and the US have promoted a raft of new insurance plans with more flexible and more comprehensive cover. We spoke to Mathieu Henri of WYCC to get the latest on the insurance market for yacht crew.
  • Precedent-setting UK Court Case Rules Cargo Ship Unseaworthy

    Posted: 6th June 2019 | Written by: Nautilus Int.

    Container ships President Truman President Kennedy at San Francisco Wikimedia Commons
    Nautilus has raised questions about the potential impact of a precedent-setting UK court case, which found that a ship was rendered unseaworthy by a deficient passage plan.
  • WYCC: An Approved Retirement Plan for Seafarers in France

    Posted: 7th May 2019 | Written by: Laurent Previdente

    WYCC Retirement Plan 140
    WYCC 'French Law' is the first retirement plan for seafarers created in accordance with the French Decree 2017-307 of 9 March 2017. The program was submitted and approved by members of the French government, ENIM and Maritime Affairs by the law firm INCE & Co. and is fully compliant with French social security law following an amendment in 2018 to include private schemes.
  • Best Countries for Yacht Crew to Invest in Property

    Posted: 2nd May 2019 | Written by: Simon Conn

    Miami and Fisher Island flickr 140
    Property prices have risen sharply in Paris and the market on the Côte d’Azur remains strong, but savvy buyers can still find deals that offer access to the coast and yachting lifestyle. As a UK and overseas property professional and financial adviser, Simon Conn shares some expert tips for buying abroad.
  • Navigating the Yacht Insurance Storm

    Posted: 29th March 2019 | Written by: Sarah Allan

    Sarah Allan Thomas Cooper 140
    When it comes to buying, converting or building a superyacht, insurance can sit a long way down the priority list but a certain level of insurance is mandatory, and can be a godsend if something does go wrong. But recent events such as hurricanes Maria and Irma have resulted in a well reported reduction of insurance capacity across the yacht sector. Sarah Allan, maritime lawyer and yacht master, discusses the impact of the 'hardening market'.
  • Clarity on French Social Security Obligations

    Posted: 14th March 2019 | Written by: John Cook

    French fan via Flikr
    Now that the furore surrounding the implementation of the French Decree on social security for seafarers who are resident in France and working on a foreign flagged vessel has died down, John Cook surveys the options available to superyacht crew.
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