• Guest Gifts & Theme Nights - Part Three

    Posted: 8th July 2015 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

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    Carrying on from Great Theme Nights - Part Two, here are some ideas for impromptu theme nights as well as great ideas for turn-downs and guest gifts.
  • Great 'Theme Nights' for Charter Guests - Part Two

    Posted: 20th June 2015 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

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    Carrying on from Great Theme Nights - Part One, here are some additional tried and tested, popular themes that will ensure owners and charter guests enjoy a memorable time on board. As we need to keep the children happy too, let's start with a great idea for the kids.
  • Great 'Theme Nights' for Charter Guests - Part One

    Posted: 8th June 2015 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

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    Some Steward/esses possess a natural flair and creativity and can dream up a theme evening in a matter of minutes. A frequently asked question on my Facebook group, ‘Yacht Stewardess Tips’, is regarding classy theme ideas, especially ones that can be executed in a fairly short time, without compromising on impact, wow-factor and originality.
  • Penum Yacht Interior Mentor Program

    Posted: 5th May 2015 | Written by: Penum

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    We are excited to launch the “Penum Yacht Interior Mentor Program”.The goal of this informal program, is to connect established Yacht Interior Managers/Chief Stews with Second Steward/esses and other aspiring Yacht Steward/esses.
  • Making the Transition to Purser

    Posted: 29th April 2015 | Written by: Jodie Clarke

    balls in air
    I'm frequently approached by Chief Stewardesses that wish to make the transition to Purser and need some tips to help them succeed in their first Purser position.
  • Tips on How to Book an Artist Onboard

    Posted: 2nd April 2015 | Written by: Acrew/ Onno Ebbens

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    I still remember the first time I booked an artist. We needed a DJ for an event in Turkey and I started Googling and asked around. Luckily one of my friends knew some really good DJ’s and put me in touch with them.
  • The Crew Academy GUEST Courses

    Posted: 11th March 2015 | Written by: Lauren Williams

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    This month, OnboardOnline was invited to attend a lunch for the Crew Academy PYA accredited GUEST Level 2 Interior Training course. Rather than outdated and unrealistic theory training, The Crew Academy uses a villa with a realistic table set-up for their service assessments. By inviting real guests with a knowledge of the industry they provide a more constructive learning environment, with a critical eye.
  • PYA Guest Awareness Programme

    Posted: 13th February 2015 | Written by: Karen Hockney

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    What will it take for yachting to see that interior training is commercially viable? If the reaction from the first PYA GUEST Awareness Workshop held earlier this week is anything to go by, the industry is slowly but surely waking up to the fact that everyone benefits from a professionally trained interior crew.
  • Vanquish with Vinegar!

    Posted: 13th February 2015 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

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    Keeping within the spirit of natural cleaning products that I have been discussing over the past few columns, it would be almost irresponsible of me not to dedicate an entire column to the most magic natural cleaner of all – good old white spirit vinegar.
  • Laundry Disasters and Stain Removal

    Posted: 4th December 2014 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

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    As promised in our previous article in September, this month, we are focusing on undoing some of those laundry horrors that many of you have had to deal with.
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