• The Human Face of Seven Star Hospitality

    Posted: 25th July 2018 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    MYBA Charter Show logo 200
    Back in April during the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, the 70m motor yacht JOY won the Table Decor category of the Superyacht Chefs’ Competition with a tablescape that captured the essence of Seven Star Hospitality. So what did the crew do that so impressed the judges?
  • Stew Tips on Going Green - Part 3

    Posted: 22nd January 2018 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

    Isobel Odendaal stew tips3
    How many of us have the best of intentions of going green? The fact is that making changes to our behaviour to benefit the environment can be difficult. That's why ex-chief stew and trainer Isobel Odendaal is here to help, with foolproof tips on how to make your own cleaning products and with advice on natural, sumptuous toiletries and reusable products that guests will love!
  • Stew Tips on Going Green - Part 2

    Posted: 16th January 2018 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

    Isobel Odendaal stew tips2
    In part 2 of our overview of ecological cleaning techniques, Isobel Odendaal sings the praises of vinegar and has tips for cutting chemicals and waste in the laundry. In addition to reducing harm to marine life and decreasing water pollution, making a few small changes in the laundry room has the benefits of being cheaper, healthier and highly effective!
  • Stew Tips on Going Green - Part 1

    Posted: 10th January 2018 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

    Isobel Odendaal stew tips
    With a little knowledge and know-how, interior crew are increasingly keen to adopt greener practices as long as it doesn't compromise standards for owners and guests. At the same time, eco-friendly products are improving all the time, along with a growing readiness to consider alternatives to the plastics that pollute our oceans. Ex-Stewardess and interior trainer, Isobel Odendaal, shares her tips on using natural products to reduce harm while keeping standards high.
  • Polish up Your Marble and Stone Care Skills!

    Posted: 14th December 2017 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal & Dawn Riordan

    Italian tabletop Sothebys 140
    Marble and stone care experts Isobel Odendaal and Dawn Riordan leave no stone unturned in this comprehensive guide to looking after the expensive and beautiful materials in your yacht's interior, from bar tops and shower floors to sculptural centrepieces.
  • Positive Vibes at the GUEST Event in Antibes

    Posted: 1st August 2017 | Written by: Sophie Leach

    Sophie Leach 140
    During the summer in Antibes, a selection of junior and senior interior crew congregated at the Royal Hotel to participate in a day of training workshops offered by GUEST, the yachting industry standard for interior training. From etiquette to service, care of surfaces, teambuilding, food safety and wine appreciation, we held a wide range of interactive sessions turning the day into a real success for all.
  • Total Superyacht App - The Future of Interior Operations

    Posted: 23rd February 2017 | Written by: Jodie Clarke

    Stew iPad 140
    When it comes to interior operations, there has never been a more powerful or simple-to-use piece of software that encompasses everything from SOPs, familiarizations and training to crew certificates and hours of rest. The Total Superyacht app is a management solution with over 200 expert checklists which you can tailor to your individual yacht, or you can create customized lists from scratch, which is particularly useful for new builds.
  • Interior Training: Old School with a Modern Twist

    Posted: 27th January 2017 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Terry Gimore 140
    When it comes to high end hospitality, etiquette and manners are timeless fundamentals. But fashions change, and owners are also getting younger, perhaps with different expectations. Does this pose a challenge for interior trainers or do old school values sit comfortably with a modern twist?
  • Christmas Roundup from Steward/ess Tips

    Posted: 19th December 2016 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

    STEW tips new7
    As Christmas is fast approaching, this is one of the busiest times of the year for many yachts so we've put together some of our most popular Christmas ideas and suggestions from our Facebook group, Yacht Stewardess Tips.
  • Raising the Bar in Superyacht Hospitality

    Posted: 1st December 2016 | Written by: Sam Watson

    Peter Vogel thumb
    Over the years we’ve seen a shift from selling superyachts to selling the ultimate experience which, by definition, puts the spotlight on luxury hospitality. However, according to Henk Akse and Peter Vogel of the Luxury Hospitality Group, the interior department of many yachts remains relatively unstructured and often disconnected from other functions. They have a vision to change this and the economic arguments are compelling.
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