• 'One and All', by the Fisherman's Friends

    Posted: 23rd January 2014 | Written by: Felix Rowe

    fishermans friends album cover Copy
    OnboardOnline launches its music section with Felix Rowe's review of 'One and All', the new album by the Cornish shanty singers Fisherman's Friends.
  • Film Review: All is Lost

    Posted: 9th January 2014 | Written by: Jelly

    Redford at helm
    I was pretty excited when I heard about Robert Redford’s latest film, All Is Lost. I love watching films involving boats, to see how realistically things are portrayed. But was my excitement justified?
  • Captain Phillips – A Truer-Than-Life Pirate Hijacking Movie

    Posted: 4th December 2013 | Written by: Jelly

    The Hollywood blockbuster, Captain Phillips, stars Tom Hanks in the lead role of Richard Phillips, the Captain of the Maersk Alabama container ship. If this is already ringing bells for you, that’s because it’s based on the true story of the Alabama’s hijacking by pirates off Somalia in 2009.
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