• Fury: Brad Pitt is Dog of War

    Posted: 1st December 2014 | Written by: Scott Payne

    Brad Pitt thumbnail
    Set during the final allied push into Nazi occupied Germany in WW2, Fury is an unflinching look into the lives of a grizzled veteran, five man tank crew.
  • Popeye - A Bird's Eye View

    Posted: 22nd October 2014 | Written by: Scott Payne

    Popeye 140
    On August 11th this year we lost a comedic genius. The whys and wherefores surrounding his passing need not be discussed in this particular instance as instead, I would like to celebrate one tiny portion of his life that meant a great deal to me, and no doubt countless others, when I was growing up.
  • For the Love of 'Cardboardeaux'

    Posted: 12th September 2014 | Written by: Peachy Butterfield

    Peachy blog 1 b 150png8
    If I were a betting man I would wager my wife’s earnings on this: ninety percent of ‘wine poncery’ emanates from the south, rushing over our ‘border’ with notes and finishes of snobbery that taint us lliberally with their tannins.
  • All at Sea: A Playlist to Sail By

    Posted: 10th September 2014 | Written by: Al Roberts

    al tongue out 2
    Following on from my earlier musical tour of the Riviera, here's another playlist compiled especially for you yachties out there. Here's a little something for all those who sail and love music!
  • Entertainment up North: Gurning

    Posted: 29th August 2014 | Written by: Chris France

    log photo original4
    In the south we have London Fashion Week, where designers compete with their fashion collections. In the North, they have 'gurning', the competitive 'art' of pulling disgustingly ugly faces at a Crab Festival.
  • Top 5 Cinematic Pirates

    Posted: 28th August 2014 | Written by: Scott Payne

    pirate ship flickr Torley
    There’s a little voice inside us all that secretly wants to side with the villain, so let's take a look at the top five cinematic pirates that have washed up on our shores over the years.
  • Bed Racing and Clog Dancing : Fun in the North

    Posted: 26th August 2014 | Written by: Chris France

    log photo original3
    In the south of England we have the Formula 1 Grand Prix, whilst in Yorkshire they have the Knaresborough Bed Race. To my mind neither is worth spending much time watching but at least Formula 1 excites interest and a huge worldwide TV audience for spectacle.
  • Northerners in Monaco

    Posted: 26th August 2014 | Written by: Peachy Butterfield

    Peachy blog 1 b 150png7
    It was day two of the 'Northern Lads Monaco Grand Prix Booze Cruise' and the boys and I were settling down for breakfast, after 'settling in' a bit too well the evening before.
  • Film Review: The Bounty

    Posted: 7th August 2014 | Written by: Scott Payne

    bounty cover2
    Starring Anthony Hopkins as Lieutenant William Bligh and Mel Gibson as Masters Mate Fletcher Christian, the 1984 film treats its characters a little differently than in previous versions.
  • Only in Yorkshire

    Posted: 7th August 2014 | Written by: Chris France

    12441040395 95579c394d k
    For my birthday I received a book entitled 'Only In Yorkshire'. It was given to me by a most incomprehensible dyed-in-the-wool Yorkshireman who was seeking to 'educate' me.
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