The PYA: The Minnow and the Whale

Posted: 19th August 2014 | Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

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Ever heard of the PYA? Never heard of the PYA? Heard of it as Protect Your Ass?

What do you do to protect your ass? Take another course, move up the ladder, earn more pay? Of course you protect your ass. But you are not doing it on your own, because you can’t. 

You are doing it under the aegis of the PYA, aware of it or not.

And even if you’re a Class 1 Master Mariner or Chief Engineer from commercial shipping, you still needed us. If you think otherwise, tell us what you did, who you lobbied, which legislative councils you sat on, what papers you drafted, and how many hours of voluntary work you have put into the survival, development and professionalization of the yachting industry.

We’ll be thrilled to hear from you, and invite you to join Council forthwith.  We need people like you. And if you’re a new entrant, or in mid-career, and you want to stir up the older geezers in PYA, come on board. Love us, hate us, bless us, curse us, admire us, despise us – we don’t mind which, as long as you tell us, and tell us your reasons. We need you all, and you need us – read on to understand why.

But first, we’re going to poke into your privacy right now and ask you a few personal questions.

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Rod Hatch 140 for feature cutRod Hatch got bored with the academic world after 3 years as a Lecturer in Economics at a London Polytechnic, and ran away to sea for a year as deckhand in a 100' motor yacht. His yachting career has now spanned 45 years (including six years in commercial shipping) and he was one of the last few dinosaurs to be certificated in the UK as Master of a Home Trade Passenger Ship. Current special interests: MLC, 2006; and advocacy of CPD opportunities for yacht crew outside of their mandatory training courses.



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