• The Rise of the Submersible?

    Posted: 2nd April 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    It may be hard to believe, but you couldn’t always land a helicopter on yachts. Suffice it to say, those days are behind us. Helidecks and helicopters are fast becoming just another accessory these days. But in the same way that helicopters first started to appear on boats at the behest of owners willing to take the risk, designers and engineers are now starting to explore ways of accommodating submersibles. Three companies have started to tailor their subs for the superyacht market and they’re hopeful that the timing is ripe for their products.
  • Selling the Experience: Re-thinking how superyachts are sold

    Posted: 28th February 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    Nomad at dusk2
    A sleek white boat sits at anchor. At the bow stands a slender white woman in a seductive white bikini. The boat and the woman rest idly in the protection of a bright blue bay, hemmed in on the sides by a sliver of white beach set against a tropical forest set against a reflective blue sky. The hull shines, the water shines, the woman’s skin shines. Everything shines.
  • A Passage to Antarctica

    Posted: 24th February 2013 | Written by: Patzi Haslimann

    Antarctic moody sky 358
    The Akademik Ioffe pulled out of Ushuaia into the summer sunset of the Beagle Channel a little late. The ninety passengers on board, mostly wildlife photographers, eager on deck as the sky turned from gold to red to pink, and the only sound was the clacking of camera shutters. As the polar night dimmed, we set a southerly course towards the continent of Antarctica, across Drakes Passage, where the Pacific meets the Atlantic.
  • Unchartered Waters: The Business of Expedition Yachting

    Posted: 8th February 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    OO iceberg expedition article
    It was almost always light out. Places like the Antarctic get that way during their summer months – in this case, December and January. The sun burns the candle from both ends, staying out until late at night and back up again well before anyone would want to wrest themselves from the comfort of sleep.
  • Piracy and the Rise of Armed Security

    Posted: 18th January 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    OO Glynne Fletcher Barbed 356x255
    As piracy off the coast of Somalia has increased, so has the number of private maritime security companies in operation – expanding nearly fourfold since 2008. However, there is almost no regulation of the industry, and stories of improper conduct and illegal activity are rampant.
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