• The Fight for Antibes

    Posted: 24th August 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    PortVauban Reflection shot
    Since 1981, Port Vauban has been the undisputed heart of yachting in the Mediterranean. While it’s perhaps not the most popular destination for yacht owners or charterers, a stop at The Blue Lady Pub confirms the volume of yacht crew that populate the town. But for those who work in and around the port, there is concern that Antibes risks losing out to one of the many new port projects springing up along the Western Mediterranean.
  • An Argument Against the Half Tip Policy

    Posted: 15th August 2013 | Written by: Jo Morgan

    Imagine if you found out that half the generous tip you gave to the waitress last night for outstanding service had been confiscated by her manager and was being held ransom for a year, in a bid to coerce the waitress into staying in her job. Would you find this a bit morally dubious, or even wrong? I think most of us would; in effect the manager is confiscating our money (and the staff member’s) in a bid to improve staff retention.
  • First Over the Line! (Well the start line, anyway.)

    Posted: 3rd August 2013 | Written by: Jelly

    Duet 3 thumbnail 250
    In preparation for the Rolex Fastnet starting on Sunday 11th, Jelly takes us onboard gaff-yawl Duet for the qualifying cross-Channel Morgan Cup. This 101-year old classic takes on the biggest and the best, in support of the Cirdan Trust: A Voyage for Young People.
  • Rotating Heads: Is crew rotation the answer?

    Posted: 1st August 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. The daily demands of a long season, back to back charters and little privacy are tiring and stressful. The yachting life, through the eyes of a weary crewmember, can start to look very grim indeed. Most jobs these days allow for a dichotomy to exist in an employee’s life. However, yachting, by its very nature, remains an exception.
  • Rolex Fastnet 2013 on a 101-year-old gaff yawl!

    Posted: 14th July 2013 | Written by: jelly

    Duet under way 150
    We're proud to support young sailor and writer jelly, who is taking part in the notorious Fastnet race onboard 101-year-old classic gaff yawl 'Duet'. The crew are raising funds for The Cirdan Sailing Trust, a fantastic organisation that teaches disadvantaged teenagers the basics of sailing, while developing important life skills in a challenging environment. Here jelly introduces the work of Cirdan, and she'll be sending us a personal account of Duet's many adventures in her build up to the big day.
  • Below Deck: Superyacht Reality TV

    Posted: 1st July 2013 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Below Decks logo 200
    People have been saying for a long time that yachts would make a great reality show, so it’s no real surprise that the day has finally arrived: Tonight in the US, yachting reality show ‘Below Deck’ screens on Bravo TV. With episode titles like “Luggage, luggage, everywhere” and “Dude, that’s a dude, dude”, I’m guessing it’s not aimed at the intellectual end of the market. I lost 24 brain cells just watching the trailer.
  • Panamanian Scramble: American ports vie for future benefits

    Posted: 7th June 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    The Panama Canal is still at least two years from opening its new set of locks but for years now those very locks have been the cause of much commotion and consternation among ports along the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean. It seems every decent-sized port is now scrambling to get a piece of the action – many of them making big bets with little or no assurance of long-term payoff, according to some analysts.
  • Monty Python and the Rise of the Multicultural Yacht Crew

    Posted: 23rd May 2013 | Written by: Jo Morgan

    OO Always Look on the Bright Side
    “It’s just a flesh wound,” I said, as I sucked the blood off my finger. I smiled at the Filipino stewardess. “Yes, I know. You cut your finger. It is little – not bad.” She looked at me oddly. “Monty Python?” I said hopefully. Blank look. “The Black Knight, he gets his arm chopped off, but he yells, ‘Come back here and fight, you pansy! It’s just a flesh…’” I stopped. Why bother? She’s Filipino: I can hardly expect her to know Monty Python.
  • Wealth, Ego and Innovation

    Posted: 29th April 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    While superyachts are centuries removed from the artistic revival of Europe, they reflect the same age-old relationship between wealth and innovation which has been shaping art, design and architecture throughout history.
  • The Rise of the Submersible?

    Posted: 2nd April 2013 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    It may be hard to believe, but you couldn’t always land a helicopter on yachts. Suffice it to say, those days are behind us. Helidecks and helicopters are fast becoming just another accessory these days. But in the same way that helicopters first started to appear on boats at the behest of owners willing to take the risk, designers and engineers are now starting to explore ways of accommodating submersibles. Three companies have started to tailor their subs for the superyacht market and they’re hopeful that the timing is ripe for their products.
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