• Puglia: The Italian Deep South

    Posted: 15th January 2014 | Written by: Karen Hockney

    matera blue sky
    There are few destinations that can impress a foodie in the same way as lusty, hearty Puglia. The Italian Deep South might be known for la cucina povera but there is an awful lot of soul and passion in this peasant style of cooking.
  • The Best of the East Mediterranean Culture

    Posted: 16th August 2013 | Written by: Camper & Nicholsons

    Eastern Med itineries3
    Alive with an eclectic mix of colour, culture and charm, the clear, warm waters of the Eastern Mediterranean wash over a mosaic of islands and nations, the perfect cruising grounds for the end of summer.
  • Classic Yachting Hotspots

    Posted: 21st May 2013 | Written by: Tristan Rutherford

    SY Ethereal Franco Pace Y7L3791 copy4
    The vision of a pure white sail atop a yacht will stir the heart of any sailor. But what about the sight of several square kilometres of sail, urging a multi-million dollar vessel forward at speeds of up to 20 knots? Well, that’s another league altogether. Guests who prefer to sail swiftly and silently through the lesser-seen Mediterranean follow in the footsteps of many a celebrated yachtsman.
  • Shelter from the Perfect Storm

    Posted: 17th May 2013 | Written by: Bob Hathaway

    Bob Hathaway
    It is early evening on Tuesday 10 October 1780. The two-masted trading schooner “Ocean Star” is anchored under Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia, enjoying a balmy tropical autumn evening. The skies are clear. The winds are calm. And schools of jacks and snappers are throwing up phosphorescence around the ship.
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