• Caribbean Islands Welcome Return of Superyachts

    Posted: 25th January 2019 | Written by: OnboardOnline

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    Just 16 months after the Caribbean was hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the islands are up and running and busy welcoming superyachts back for the winter season. Spirits are high and by all accounts many of the marinas are in better shape now than ever. The transformation, little more than a year later, is impressive, with a record number of both private and charter yachts returning to their favourite winter cruising grounds.
  • Snorkeling with Sharks in Raja Ampat

    Posted: 24th January 2019 | Written by: Captain Jimmy Blee

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    The finale of a month-long cruise in Indonesia's untouched Raja Ampat archipelago was a snorkeling trip with gentle giants of the deep. Captain Jimmy Blee recounts how the Asia Pacific Superyachts' expert dive guide led the guests to a secret spot favoured by whale sharks.
  • Singapore for Superyachts

    Posted: 4th December 2018 | Written by: Linda Cartlidge

    Singapore Skyline at Night with Black Sky wikimedia
    Singapore is much more than the sum of its numerous attractions. It’s a city that is constantly evolving and reimagining itself thanks to people who are passionate about creating new experiences and providing excellent services for visiting superyachts. “Southeast Asia is so vast and diverse and the famed city of Singapore is smack in the middle of really excellent cruising grounds”, enthuses Clarence Chong of APS Singapore.
  • Looking Ahead to the Caribbean Charter Season 2018

    Posted: 2nd October 2018 | Written by: Tom Mukamal, IGY Marinas CEO

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    Think back to the first time you visited the Caribbean. What captivated you the most: the crystal-clear waters, the lush greenery, or the miles of sandy beaches? All of these allures have made yachting and nautical tourism an economic cornerstone of the Caribbean and, just a year after unprecedented hurricanes, the islands and the people have made a strong comeback.
  • Cruising Norway: Sublime Beauty and Stellar Hospitality

    Posted: 27th July 2018 | Written by: Victoria Pearce, The Islander

    Norway thumbnail 2018
    Victoria falls in love with Norway: a spectacular superyacht destination for those craving both adventure and first-class creature comforts. Culminating in a cruise up the magnificent Sognefjord, the trip delivers unforgettable experiences at every serpentine turn, featuring breathtaking waterfalls, exquisite private dining, lunch with a supercar enthusiast and charming tour guides.
  • Malta's Newest Dive Site After the Collapse of the Azure Window

    Posted: 11th July 2018 | Written by: OnboardOnline

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    The cries of broken hearts echoed around Malta in March of 2017 as the widely adored Azure Window tumbled into the sea. Fast forward a year and as diver after diver dons their wetsuit to catch a glimpse at this fallen formation, the nature of tourism at this particular location has changed drastically – but how has the rest of Malta fared?
  • Indonesia’s Raja Ampat: A Place to Inspire Passion

    Posted: 15th May 2018 | Written by: Linda Cartlidge

    APS raja amput thumbnail
    Indonesia and its vast expanse of islands is a must-see superyacht destination that offers a spectacular and memorable cruise. Captain Jimmy Blee fell head over heels for Raja Ampat seventeen years ago and knows the waters better than anyone else. He explains why the area is so special to him and what attractions it holds in store for superyacht visitors.
  • Samui’s growing appeal… or, why wait for a marina?

    Posted: 12th April 2018 | Written by: Linda Cartlidge

    APS Koh Samui thumbnail
    Koh Samui, the third largest island in Thailand after Phuket and Koh Chang, boasts pearl-white sandy beaches, lush tropical rainforests, waterfalls and high-end luxury resorts and spas. Now the destination is luring superyachts to its stunning anchorages and plans are underway for the island's first marina.
  • Q&A: Pascal Bredin of Seal Superyachts Tahiti

    Posted: 2nd January 2018 | Written by: OnboardOnline

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    Pascal Bredin is General Manager of Seal Superyachts Tahiti and a passionately biased promoter of the archipelago as a superyacht destination. The Tahitian native has lived and worked here his whole life, graduating from the shipyards to become a captain and then a yacht agent. Over lunch on the idyllic Coco Beach we chatted with Pascal about his career and his love of the 118 islands he calls home.
  • Benefits of Berthing at Karpaz Gate Marina in Cyprus

    Posted: 21st November 2017 | Written by: Karpaz Gate Marina

    Karpaz gate marina 140
    Karpaz Gate Marina in North Cyprus has announced its 2018 berthing campaign as it strengthens its status as one of the East Mediterranean’s leading full-service facilities. Having just celebrated its most successful season since opening six years ago, the award-winning marina is tempting visitors with unique packages, incentives, and attractive servicing and berthing rates for 2018.
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