• What Boat Would You Be?

    Posted: 21st February 2014 | Written by: Scott MacFarland

    Scott 150
    Introducing the first in our series, and another way of looking at things: What Boat Would You Be?
  • Y.CO Founders on the Secrets of their Success

    Posted: 30th January 2014 | Written by: Karen Hockney

    Gary and Charlie Yco portrait lead pic use this
    They say the best way to get to know an industry is from the bottom up so Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett are perfectly placed to run Y.CO, one of the most successful yachting companies in the world. We meet at their impressive office opposite Monaco port, a stone’s throw from the new Yacht Club and one of the smartest addresses in the principality. Charlie greets me with a friendly ‘Hello mate’ and a hearty handshake as we settle down to chat in the office he and co-founder Gary Wright share, with a prime view of the harbour.
  • Sex on a Yacht

    Posted: 17th October 2013 | Written by: David Seal

    David Seal profile 140 x 182
    Why do financially successful people buy yachts? How is it that a man who has spent years developing profit will suddenly purchase an object that will do the exact opposite?
  • M/Y Sherakhan World Trip

    Posted: 22nd July 2013 | Written by: Lisa Dijkshoorn

    Lisa Antarctica 300
    Ahead of their World Trip later this year, join bosun Lisa Disjkshoorn and the crew of 70m M/Y Sherakhan on their recent adventure to Antarctica. Together with voyage partner Hanse Explorer, follow the guests and crew as they crash their way through the Southern Ocean to the great white land of whales and penguins, meet Leonard the intrepid seal, and learn why not to use hair clippers at sea!
  • From the Crew's Mouth: What Makes a Good Broker

    Posted: 6th June 2013 | Written by: Trish Cronan

    Trish Cronan4
    Last month, I polled charter brokers to find out how crews could enhance relationships with brokers. Now, I flip the coin.
  • The Broker / Crew Relationship

    Posted: 17th April 2013 | Written by: Trish Cronan

    Trish Cronan3
    For as long as yacht charters have been cruising the oceans, the broker/crew relationship has been, on a good day, making those involved swoon with delight and, on a bad day, making them want to jump overboard and swim as fast as they can toward another profession. Recently, I wrote to a crew, "I want to clone you. I wish every charter crew was like you." I’m sure that many a crew has shouted out a similar statement like, "If only all charter brokers could be like you."
  • Superyachts Going Green: An Oxymoron?

    Posted: 12th March 2013 | Written by: Trish Cronan

    Trish Cronan2
    Can a superyacht with its diesel-guzzling thirst and noxious emissions be considered eco-friendly? Is it indeed an oxymoron to talk about going green on superyachts? I say that if General Motors and Wal-Mart can go green, so can a superyacht.
  • Feadship launches first superyacht for mainland China

    Posted: 23rd February 2013 | Written by: Feadship

    OO Feadship China
    Feadship has launched the 44.65-metre Blue Sky in a ceremony that combined Chinese and Dutch maritime cultures. This is the first superyacht to be built by a Western shipyard for a client in mainland China. The owner sent his personal representative to accept delivery of a fabulous Feadship that includes her own helicopter deck and dedicated karaoke and Mah-jong rooms. The colourful launch event included a wide range of Chinese influences, including lion dancers. Blue Sky was jointly christened by the owner’s representative (it is traditional for males to perform the ceremony in China) and Jeanette van Mil, wife of Operational Director Peter van Mil (maintaining the European tradition of a lady cracking the champagne bottle).
  • The Growing Marina Industry in China

    Posted: 10th January 2013 | Written by: Julian Goldie

    Julian Goldie
    I had the very good fortune to be invited to attend the World Marina Conference in Singapore in May 2011. This was an exceptionally well-run conference followed by some very impressive marina visits in Singapore. The conference gave me the opportunity to really get to know a dear colleague Y.P. Loke, The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) representative for Asia, and chairman of the Singapore Yachting Industry.
  • Let's Talk Trash: Reducing plastic waste on yachts

    Posted: 9th January 2013 | Written by: Trish Cronan

    OO Trish Cronan 150
    I've spent the last couple of years talking trash...mostly plastic water bottle trash. It's not a glamorous subject. In fact, it is downright toxic when you think of the millions of plastic water bottles that superyachts and charter yachts send to the landfills every year. A Fiji, an Aquafina, or an Evian bottle will outlast any yacht plying the oceans today. No one knows for sure, but estimates for how long it takes a plastic bottle to degrade range from 450 to 1,000 years. Complicating matters, recycling does not exist in many of the pristine areas of the world where yachts cruise...
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