• Superyacht Hospitality Training - The Full 360 Degrees

    Posted: 1st August 2019 | Written by: Karen Hockney

    Katie 22
    When it comes to providing the ultimate in superyacht hospitality, technical knowledge and leadership skills are of course essential, but motivation is just as crucial. To this end, Luxury Hospitality have developed a full circle training approach, LH 360, to ensure every crew member is primed to perform to the max.
  • Crew Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

    Posted: 23rd July 2019 | Written by: Colette Flowerdew-Kincaid

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    Crew hiring can be a messy business; there’s nothing worse than setting out on a long cruise with the owner or charter guests, only to realise that your new recruit may not be as good as you thought they were. Lauren Cotton, founder of yacht crew agency, Cotton Crews, shares her advice on how to recruit better.
  • Getting Onboard with Millennials

    Posted: 21st July 2019 | Written by: Julia Matheson

    Julia photo
    The term ‘millennial’ causes much consternation among those involved with crew recruitment, management and development. Who exactly are we referring to when we talk about millennials? Onboard they are probably the majority of your crew and, in some cases, all of it. So if you’re struggling to understand what makes this new Generation Y tick, it’s probably time to find out.
  • How Team Talk Shapes Onboard Culture

    Posted: 21st July 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

    Sara Ballinger 2
    It's human nature to seek out people like us; we want to find our tribe and to feel part of something. But this can’t happen if we only talk about our jobs and the operational aspects of our roles, especially with superyacht crew who live and work together in such an intimate environment. So why is conversation so important in running a tight ship?
  • The Hot Seat in Maritime Simulation for Yacht Crew

    Posted: 20th July 2019 | Written by: Jenny Mathews

    Jenny Mathews 140
    Technology is being developed and implemented into nearly all aspects of everyday life, offering new and improved ways of doing just about anything. One could argue whether this is a positive or negative direction, but one thing cannot be disputed: We are well and truly in the age of 'high-tech' and maritime training is no exception.
  • Life After Yachting

    Posted: 20th July 2019 | Written by: Jodie Clarke

    Jodie Clarke SOS4
    This article was inspired by a post in the Facebook Group, Palma Yacht Crew, that asked: “How do you know when you’ve had enough? And what do you plan on doing once back on land (aside from getting a dog, obviously)?” At the time of writing, this the post had 382 comments. As an ex-yachtie myself, I can totally sympathise!
  • Using SWOT to Direct Your Next Move

    Posted: 19th July 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    Karine Rayson 3
    Feedback, whether personal or professional, is something we often shy away from for fear of receiving negative information, but it's vital for self development and helping us to reach our full potential. One simple but effective tool is a SWOT - an acronym for ‘strengths’ ‘weaknesses’ ‘opportunities’ and ‘threats’ but first you need to be clear about your objectives.
  • Perspectives on Onboard Culture in Yachting

    Posted: 9th July 2019 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Culture 1 Unsplash 140
    Culture is one of the great intangibles all around us. When it’s good it’s great; when it’s bad it can negatively impact service, productivity, happiness and even health. Working on a superyacht is a prime example, a microcosm where crew coexist in close quarters with varying degrees of harmony and success. So what determines the culture on board, and how do we change it when the vibes are all wrong?
  • Superyacht Crew Are Signing Up to Nautilus International in Record Numbers

    Posted: 28th May 2019 | Written by: Gary Crossing - Nautilus Int.

    Danny 13
    With its MCA-accredited Service Record Book and a strong history of winning employment cases, Nautilus is attracting a growing number of members in the superyacht sector. Gary Crossing looks at what the Union has to offer and meets some of the Nautilus partner organisations who deliver services to yacht crew worldwide.
  • Preparing your Crew Team for the Season

    Posted: 14th May 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

    Sarah Ballinger 140
    Training, qualifications and experience – these are the things we look for when hiring great crew, but what about their ability to work as a team? This is always seen as a ‘nice to have’ when in fact it’s crucial to the whole operation.
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