• A Case for Crew Performance Reviews

    Posted: 9th December 2019 | Written by: Jenny Matthews

    Jenny Mathews 3
    A recent yacht crew survey has uncovered some interesting food for thought when it asked the question: “If you had a mentor, what areas would you specifically like to focus on?” The answers spoke for themselves, with the vast majority identifying the same three points: unbiased feedback, department specific training and career progression.
  • How to Build Confidence

    Posted: 27th November 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

    In my role as a coach and mentor, I’m very aware that the biggest challenge for most of the women and men I work with is their confidence in their own abilities. Often called ‘imposter syndrome’, this is true of even the most senior and successful people.
  • Chef’s Corner: In the Galley with Sabi Csitari

    Posted: 22nd November 2019 | Written by: Sabi Csitari

    With 18 years’ culinary experience, the Hugarian/Irish chef has a wealth of experience cooking aboard superyachts. From the ingredients he can't live without to the gadgets that take pride of place in his galley, here's all you need to know about head chef Sabi Csitari.
  • How to Build High-Performing Teams

    Posted: 21st November 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

    Crew-Glue was launched to support captains and crew by expediting the team-building process to reach a high-performance team status sooner, giving you the very best chance of success when starting your season or launching your new build. As such, we’re frequently asked how we do this, and here we hope to answer some of those questions for you.
  • Here's Why Successful People Have Mentors

    Posted: 4th November 2019 | Written by: Karine Rayson

    Karine Portrait3
    They say success comes with insight, however insight is only achieved by seeing the world through a lens other than your own. No matter how successful you perceive yourself to be, that success is not sustainable unless you continue to approach life with an inner curiosity and drive to explore your world views from other peoples’ perspective.
  • How to Get the Yacht Owner Onboard with your Idea

    Posted: 30th October 2019 | Written by: Jenny Mathews & Natasha Ambrose

    It’s October and winter work lists are on the table, but how do you pitch an idea and get the boss to loosen the purse strings? In our experience, if you can present a solid case based on sound economics, you're more likely to get your way. Here are some tips on how to pitch like a pro.
  • How to Deliver Effective Feedback Onboard

    Posted: 29th October 2019 | Written by: Naomi Chadderton

    Feedback. It’s important and you know it. According to American author Kenneth Blanchard, ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’, and the giving and receiving of feedback is probably one of the most vital skills required by a leader to ensure they keep highly-motivated crew who continue to learn on a day-to-day basis.
  • Top Training for Crew at all Levels at The Boat Works

    Posted: 24th October 2019 | Written by: Naomi Chadderton

    Training, licensing and certification in all areas of boating are now available at The Boat Works along with the arrival of new partners, Paradigm Training. With boat ownership on the Gold Coast forecast to treble in the next 25 years and an influx of superyachts anticipated to head to south-east Queensland over the next decade, maritime training is in high demand.
  • Managing Perception vs. Perspective Onboard

    Posted: 24th October 2019 | Written by: Sara Ballinger

    Understanding the difference between perception and perspective is very important as it helps develops self-awareness and tolerance while facilitating compromise. This is never more important than when you live and work with others in a highly pressurised and physically challenging environment – a key example being yachting.
  • Beginner’s Guide to European Wines for Yacht Crew: Part 2

    Posted: 14th October 2019 | Written by: Rod Hatch

    Written by Captain Rod Hatch as a guide for all those New World stewards and stewardesses who are new to this industry and to the Old World of Europe, part 2 of A Beginner’s Guide to European Wines takes you on a journey through Spain, Portugal, Croatia and more.
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