• Getting Onboard with Millennials

    Posted: 17th July 2018 | Written by: Julia Matheson

    Julia photo
    The term ‘millennial’ causes much consternation among those involved with crew recruitment, management and development. Who exactly are we referring to when we talk about millennials? Onboard they are probably the majority of your crew and, in some cases, all of it. So if you’re struggling to understand what makes this new Generation Y tick, it’s probably time to find out.
  • Paul Pringle of Solarglide on the Trends in Solar Screens

    Posted: 12th August 2016 | Written by: OnboardOnline

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    Solar screens are not compulsory on board yachts but we've all heard stories of the effects of solar glare in terms of safety and possible damage to your eyes. Recognizing the potential market, Paul Pringle founded Solarglide in 2008, now supplying solar screens to some of the largest vessels afloat. From generations of shipbuilders in the North East of England, Paul shares his take on the superyacht sector and what's new on the horizon.
  • Yacht Masters: Ship's Captain or Boat Skipper? (Chapter 4)

    Posted: 9th July 2016 | Written by: Captain Horatio Hardy, aka Commander Sean O'Reilly

    Retired mariner, Horatio Hardy, is on a mission to find his itinerant nieces whose parents have been kidnapped off north-east Africa. The story continues as H is employed as Mate of M/Y Caviare, under the command of Captain ‘Skippy’ Brewster...
  • Going Down With The Ship?

    Posted: 8th December 2015 | Written by: Alison Rentoul

    AlisonRentoul 7
    Welcome to the working life of a superyacht captain, a leadership role unlike any other. With anywhere between five and 50 employees and a legion of suppliers and contractors, running a superyacht is like being the CEO of a large, busy company.
  • Yachtmasters: Ship's Captain or Boat Skipper? (Chapter 3)

    Posted: 18th May 2015 | Written by: Captain Horatio Hardy, aka Commander Sean O'Reilly

    That Yacht Masters routinely refer to their 3000 tonne vessels as ‘boats’ is not unique – Admiral Lord Mountbatten habitually called aircraft carriers ‘boats’ but not without a hint of irony, not least because he knew the difference between a ship and a boat. Does it matter? Does it shape the mentality, the attitude and ultimately the way in which a vessel’s crew is managed and led? Horatio returns to his beloved oggin; with Skippy as his new boss might this be a marriage made in heaven, or a recipe for a disaster?
  • Yachtmasters: Ship's Captain or Boat Skipper? (Chapter 2)

    Posted: 8th April 2015 | Written by: Captain Horatio Hardy, aka Commander Sean O'Reilly

    Sean pic 140
    Curious thing, fate; what is ‘meant to be will be’ pondered H; I don’t believe in fate, but even if I did what could I do about it? Such thoughts were forged from a lucky opportunity presented to Claude, a consequence of which led the ancient mariner to embark in wholly new territory: the superyacht. What did the old hand make of this extraordinary vessel without any apparent purpose, at least to him?
  • Continuous Professional Development for Yacht Captains

    Posted: 13th March 2015 | Written by: Ian Bone

    Ian Bone2
    A reasonable amount of information and discussion is beginning to emerge in the yachting media concerning the development of an unlimited yacht specific Masters certificate of competency.
  • Inspire to Lead

    Posted: 14th February 2015 | Written by: Simon Harvey

    Simon Harvey People 140
    As yachts get ever larger and regulations increase, the role of a superyacht Captain, Officer, or HOD can seem less about the vessel and crew and more about admin and paperwork. These things are important, but don't let them rob you of your role or your purpose, or the reason you became a Captain in the first place.
  • Yachtmasters: Ship's Captain or Boat Skipper? (Chapter 1)

    Posted: 12th February 2015 | Written by: Captain Horatio Hardy, aka Commander Sean O'Reilly

    What can yachties teach crusty old Master Mariners? What can yachting learn from the wider shipping industry? Captain Horatio Hardy and Yachtmaster Skippy Brewster embark on a journey of discovery, from which both emerge wiser men. Episode One: Captain Horatio Hardy Arrives in Antibes...
  • Transatlantic Delivery - Are You Prepared?

    Posted: 18th December 2014 | Written by: Ted Street

    Mark Ted Street 140x210
    The Med season has ended and it’s time to deliver your boat. These days in yachting that could be absolutely anywhere! Owners are keener than ever to head off the beaten path and explore new cruising grounds while the standard seasonal deliveries such as the Med or USA to the Caribbean remain as popular as ever.
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