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Satellite Directory

When you need satellite equipment or a supplier urgently, you don’t have time to search through hundreds of websites trying to find one to suit your needs. Chances are, you’re interested in a specific part of the world so how are you going to find a satellite specialist near your location?

Don’t worry as help is at hand in the form of our online satellite directory containing details of satellite equipment companies and suppliers from all around the world. And the best part is, because it’s available online, you can access our directory any time of the day or night.

Have a look and you’ll soon see that we have information on hundreds of companies; just choose one that suits your requirements. Alternatively, you can make things even simpler and filter your search so that you only receive the most relevant results.

And doing that is easier than you might think. If you’re looking for a satellite specialist that’s located where you’re currently based, you can use the two drop down filters at the top of this page to specify which country or region that is. You can also use the ‘Keyword search’ field to highlight terms that are related to the type of business you’re looking for. After you hit the search button, we will then use your requirements to search through our catalogue and collate a list of suitable businesses.

We’ll send these back to you, together with each business’ address and telephone number so that, when you’ve chosen the perfect satellite company to suit your requirements, you have everything you need to get in touch about your enquiry.

And if you’re interested in a specific port or marina, you should take a look at our Ports and Shoreside directory which contains local information on businesses located in more than 620 superyacht marinas around the world.