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A Star Computer

1 Rochor Canal Road
Sim Lim Square 05

Tel: +65 6337 1060

A.E.S Azur Electronique Services Marine

19 Avenue Frederic Mistral
La Simiane

Tel: +33 9 51 49 84 51

AAdaptiv Technologies

401 E Las Olas Boulevard
Suite 1400
Fort Lauderdale

Tel: +1 954 302 8675

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Do you need to find a technology and communication specialist fast? Do you want to avoid having to trawl through hundreds of websites trying to find the information you’re after? Then look no further than our technology and communication directory where you will find hundreds of specialists located worldwide.

We understand that finding the perfect business to suit your requirements can take time. That’s why we decided to build a dedicated online directory where you can find information on hundreds of technology and communication specialists in a matter of seconds.

We also understand that not every business out there will suit your requirements. For instance, you may be after a particular type of specialist, or a business that’s located within a certain area. That’s why we allow you to filter your search so that you only receive the most relevant results.

To do this, simply use the drop down menus at the top of this page, highlighting which country or region you’re interested in. You can also use the ‘Keyword search’ field to indicate specific terms that are used to describe the type of business you’re after. Once you’ve set your criteria and you’re happy with everything, simply hit the search button and we’ll take it from there.

Our systems will then conduct a thorough search of all the information in our directory, finding those that fit your requirements and collating a list ready for your perusal. Once it’s ready, we’ll provide you with the list of businesses together with their address and telephone number, equipping you with everything you need to make contact once you’ve selected the perfect company.

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