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Marine Accounts

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Marine Accounts provides tax advice and mortgages for yacht crew worldwide.
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Marine Accounts provides tax advice and mortgage products to yacht crew, taking the headache and confusion out of the equation.

Crew Tax Services

At Marine Accounts we assist you each step of the way. With offices in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, we are able to advise yacht crew on their tax position across the globe. We are specialists in filing under the Seafarers Earnings Deduction and FEIE.

Crew Mortgages

Marine Accounts understands that yacht crew want to make the most of their hard earned money but aren't the typical borrowers that banks are used to. Our relationships with lenders who understand seafarers and their unique financial position makes getting a mortgage very much smoother. 

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The Power of Numbers

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On paper UK Seafarers look like the ideal mortgage candidate. Impressive income, little in the way of bills, and no tax liability leave plenty of room for a monthly mortgage payment. When examined further under the new rules of affordability, once again seafarers should tick the boxes. So why is it that UK seafarers are still finding it difficult to obtain mortgages?
The problem is that most mortgage advisors and lenders alike fundamentally do not understand anything outside the box. Foreign earnings, no payslips or outgoings and a zero tax liability send most of their heads spinning.
It has become an all too familiar story of yacht crew saving up a deposit for a property, getting as far as a decision in principle with solid assurance that it will go through, only to be let down at the 11th hour.

Case Study

James O’Mahony contacted us a couple of weeks ago in a rush as his mortgage had just fallen through. The mortgage advisor they had used could not secure a mortgage as James is a seafarer.
James needed to move fast as the vendors were selling off the market. James came to us on a Wednesday in a panic to ask if we could help. The application was put forward on the Friday, and by the following Friday the valuation & mortgage had been approved.
We have identified the lenders who still have an appetite for lending to seafarers and have the formula to achieve results where other companies fall down. Arguably this success can be attributed to the fact that our mortgage and accountancy teams work hand in hand.
This is just one of many success stories! If you want to see how we can help, contact a member of the team today.

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