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Luxury Hospitality Academy

We believe in the power of humans; we believe in helping everyone develop the best version of themselves

The Luxury Hospitality Academy empowers crew to deliver Seven Star Hospitality, providing Leadership and Service Training for individuals and teams aboard and ashore.
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Rivierdijk 400
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Regions Serviced

  • World Wide

Products / Services

  • 360 Solution - Full Circle Approach to Hospitality
  • Service Specialist Training
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • 1 Day Team Building & Communication Training
  • Beverage Specialist Training


Yachting prides itself on delivering the finest hospitality on earth. But this is only an aspiration without the proper training and motivation to deliver such excellence.

We pride ourselves in helping you achieve this motivation, empowering you and your team to deliver Seven Star Hospitality. The shipyard builds the yacht, we help you build the people. Through our training courses onboard and ashore, for individuals or the entire crew, this is what we're about:

Building High Performing Teams

Leadership Specialist Chris Alder talks about the different levels of leadership which form the basis of our three day Leadership Training course: Personal Leadership, Interpersonal Leadership and Team Leadership: 

Service Skills and Expert Product Knowledge

Alongside our friends at We Supply Yachts we produce a range of useful content to support your product knowledge and up your service skills. You can also join us on one of our popular Service Specialist training courses.

Inspiring Motivation to be the Best!


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How to make a difference in service

Spirit Tasting

Knowledge of wine and mixology can make that difference

“I want to make a difference. Between stylish pouring a requested wine and being able to do a serious wine suggestion, of which I will think it will add positively too the great dish the guest are having. I want to be able to offer my principal more then just good service, and that means I have to learn new things and develop myself”. These words are spoken by stewardess Julia (27), who took part on the Beverage Specialist course of Luxury Hospitality Academy last November.
“There are only great wines in stock on board of a super yacht. So you could think: I can’t go wrong there, so ill be fine. But I would like my job a lot better when I will be able to suggest a great wine to my principal and his guests and also being able to substantiate why I recommend that particular wine. Make them see I understand what I am talking about, and make them trust me I will provide them the drink they desire…”, Julia explains her participation.

Three day wine course

Angelique Besseling, sommelier and trainer of the three day wine course, which is part of the Beverage Specialist course, will help the participants to make that difference. The first day is many theoretics in which Angelique will take them through the history of wine, the lifecycle of a wine and all factors that can affect wine, such as climate, altitude, but also the influence of men in viticulture and vinification.
“We have learned how to taste wine according to the swet2 method and whilst we discussed all the wine countries we also tasted the indigenous grapes. We were able to go through the differences between old world and new world wines, cool climate and warm climate wines. We tasted them separately and next to each other… to become more knowledgeable about the wines from all over the world”, Angelique explains.

Put theory into practice

The next day she took her students to a Dutch vineyard where all the theory was put in to practice. “It’s was so good to see, smell and taste the theoretics we learned the day before. This way it’s easy to remember everything we’ve learned”, Julia adds.
During a blind smell test at the vinery the students are challenged to describe what they smell. All the participants get the samples and they all need to write down what they think they smell. “Oh it’s frustrating”, says Flame (21). “I recognize the odor but I don’t know what it is!" "This exercise is to teach them to describe the smell. Is it’s sharp, sweet or sour maybe? It triggers your brain to function a different way. And you’ll need that if you want to work with with wines…”, Angelique explains.
Young Flame admits her palate still needs to develop to really know what wine she is tasting. “I’m not that experienced yet, but everything I learn today I will bring with me the rest of my carrier. It will help me understand what I am going to taste the next few years.”

Taste what is educated

Angelique: “I think it’s important not to do only theory, but do a lot of practice too. We walked through proper river clay, saw half year old vineyards planted, discovered grape varieties, which where especially made for cooler climates such as Solaris and Johanniter. We walked through a vinification cellar en tasted fermenting wine in the vineyard. We where able to let them taste what I told them a day earlier.”
“My goal is to let the students think of food pairings so they can bring this knowledge back with them and perform excellent wine and food pairings during dinners for their guests”, Angelique explains.

Mixology and barista

Wine is an important part of the course but it’s not the only thing the students learn. Two days they will spend at Isaac Academy where they teach how to shake cocktails to the highest level (mixology), give standard cocktails a personal twist, how to create the best coffee. Professionals like Misha Vostermans, Rob Rademaker and Leroy Soumokil will teach them how to make a difference in presenting a drink, cocktail, coffee or even tea (barista)… Also want to learn how to make a difference in service? Please contact us for more information. Next course Beverage Specialist is March 19e 2018.

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