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Luxury Hospitality Academy

We believe in the power of humans; we believe in helping everyone develop the best version of themselves

The Luxury Hospitality Academy empowers crew to deliver Seven Star Hospitality, providing Leadership and Service Training for individuals and teams aboard and ashore.
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Location Information

Rivierdijk 400
3372 BT

Regions Serviced

  • World Wide

Products / Services

  • 360 Solution - Full Circle Approach to Hospitality
  • Service Specialist Training
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • 1 Day Team Building & Communication Training
  • Beverage Specialist Training


Yachting prides itself on delivering the finest hospitality on earth. But this is only an aspiration without the proper training and motivation to deliver such excellence.

We pride ourselves in helping you achieve this motivation, empowering you and your team to deliver Seven Star Hospitality. The shipyard builds the yacht, we help you build the people. Through our training courses onboard and ashore, for individuals or the entire crew, this is what we're about:

Building High Performing Teams

Leadership Specialist Chris Alder talks about the different levels of leadership which form the basis of our three day Leadership Training course: Personal Leadership, Interpersonal Leadership and Team Leadership: 

Service Skills and Expert Product Knowledge

Alongside our friends at We Supply Yachts we produce a range of useful content to support your product knowledge and up your service skills. You can also join us on one of our popular Service Specialist training courses.

Inspiring Motivation to be the Best!


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Create wow-moments as beverage specialist

Sommelier Angelique Besseling shows how to use the sabel
Partcipants learn to create every cocktail with confidents
Wine is a very important part of the training

Luxury Hospitality Academy creates unique training

When can you call yourself a beverage specialist? When you have special knowledge about cocktails, wines, whiskey’s, different kinds of lager and special tea’s? How about in an environment where service of the highest level is expected, like on board a yacht. Wouldn’t you need just that certain something extra?
What if you could be a beverage specialist who creates ‘wow’ moments? By presenting an unexpected drink, or a unique mix that surprises everyone. By being a specialist whose self-confidence radiates in everything that he or she does, who knows it all and more.
Peter Vogel, managing partner of Luxury Hospitality Academy and hospitality specialist, knows how to help crew members become beverage specialists: “We want to give yacht crew the opportunity to develop themselves as specialists, so that they can create magic moments for their principal and his or her guests. In every team you need specialists: in housekeeping, laundry, administration, but also behind the bar. That’s why we developed a training just for bartenders”.
While in training, participants’ knowledge of classic cocktails is increased. While studying the latest mixology trends, they will also learn how to add their own magnificent spin. At the end of the course the trainee will stir or shake any request with confidence but will also be able to create surprising drinks.

From service to beverage specialist

Participation in this training is not exclusive to beverage specialist. Emma Gyenge, chief stewardess on a 60m+ yacht: “I had known of Peter Vogel for quite some time and he had come highly recommended as a service specialist trainer. Finally in 2014 I was able to connect with Peter and organize a training workshop with my interior team. The standard of Peter's training was high quality and the week was a great success.”
She continues: “I want the best for my interior team. I want them to have access to the best available training. This year I’ll be sending one of my interior team for the Luxury Hospitality training for Beverage Specialist. She will be exposed to new parts of the industry and be able to develop her skills further.”

Encourage development

“I think it’s important to help your staff develop and enhance their skills to become more versatile. Peter's training is delivering outstanding results. He is a very modest individual and yet is very effective in his approach and training style. In my opinion Peter is a valuable role model in our industry”, Emma says.
And when Peter doesn’t have the knowledge himself, he hires the best specialists to help him. Being a bartender is not only about shaking cocktails. You also need to know a lot about wine. Therefore, half the course is all about grapes. Sommelier and trainer Angelique Besseling takes the participants by the hand and teaches them all they need to know about wine. She teaches them how to taste wine and while doing so, how to use all their senses.

World trip through wine

“We will make a trip around the globe through the world of wine. From bubbles to white wine, from swee wine to different kind of acids. We will also visit a winery and put theory into practice at a very special location.” Angelique Besseling reveals a sneak preview of what will happen during the training as Beverage Specialist by Luxury Hospitality Academy.
Have you been inspired? Or do you have a crew member in your team who would flourish by taking this course? There are still just a few places available for the training that starts on October 30th at the Waterland Estate in Velzen-Zuid, The Netherlands. The next course for beverage specialist will take place 19-24th March 2018.

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