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Crew Meals: Feeding Body and Mind

Posted: 29th Nov 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

As a chef, sometimes you think your crew is spoiled and should be happy with what's on the table. But take their criticisms and turn it around! One of the joys (and headaches) of crew cooking is giving them what they need. Read More

Bridging Communications

Posted: 25th Nov 2013

Written by: Simon Harvey

Today's superyachts come equipped with every modern piece of equipment to navigate the globe, however, one ingredient that needs constant upgrading is human command. Read More

Where Does All the Food Go?

Posted: 18th Nov 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

Every time I prepare for a charter, I wonder if I’ve bought too much food. Space is always a premium on yachts, but you need to have everything a guest might ask for. Read More

Manage Expectations…but plan for the worst

Posted: 7th Nov 2013

Written by: Croque Madame

Whether guest, captain or crew, everybody has expectations of the chef. Croque Madame discusses how to manage those expectations, the frustration of fad diets, and how mise en place can save the day. Read More

What Floats Your Boat?

Posted: 30th Oct 2013

Written by: Paula Herbert

Some people are sailing yacht people, others are motor yacht people, but rarely is someone both. In fact a (mostly) friendly rivalry runs through the water between these two worlds. Each has perceptions about the other; perception... Read More

Planned Maintenance Schedules - Computer or paper?

Posted: 17th Oct 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

Are computer-based programs the way forward, or is the old fashioned way of paper logs and the ‘Chief’s way of doing things’ still the better option? Read More

Croque Madame Gives a Toasting

Posted: 9th Oct 2013

Written by: Croque Madame

Reporting from the dark side: The trials and tribulations of Croque Madame and five things no one tells you about life as a superyacht chef. Read More

Stewardesses: Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Posted: 25th Sep 2013

Written by: Mrs Steele

Chief stewardesses often get a bad wrap for nagging and over-reactions to trivialities. But, as Mrs Steele argues, sometimes you just have to stand your ground. Read More

Top Tips- Bed Linens

Posted: 24th Sep 2013

Written by: The Cabin Shop

Charter guests and owners will use, touch and sleep in the linens on board. They will notice and appreciate luxurious softness, but will also remark on scratchy towels or bed linen. The interior of the cabins need to make a great ... Read More

The World is Never Enough

Posted: 23rd Sep 2013

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

Mission impossible. On pain of dismissal, engineer Mel Thunderbolt must fly to MTU headquarters in Germany and carry a 37kg turbocharger back to Sardinia...all in 24 hours. Read More

The End of Uniformity

Posted: 12th Sep 2013

Written by: Paula Herbert

10 years ago, choice in yacht uniforms was limited. The fit mattered, but not how uniforms matched the yacht or the personality of the crew. Fortunately, as the industry evolves, suppliers are pushing the boundaries, with fashion... Read More

Gin Cocktails for Connoisseurs

Posted: 6th Sep 2013

Written by: Andy Ives, Bar Life UK

Tired of serving the same old cocktails? Ever thought of garnishing a cocktail with a sprig of lavender and a macaron? Do sherbet, olive oil and pink peppercorns feature in your cocktail repertoire? In the first of his series fo... Read More

Charter for Charity?

Posted: 13th Aug 2013

Written by: Dave the Deckie

Charity for charter, or charter for charity? It may be totally legal but, on some level, it doesn't feel quite right to me. Call me old fashioned.. Read More

Astroboy and the Mystery of the Odd Sock

Posted: 29th Jul 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

Odd socks, whingeing crew and mugs left in the's clearly time for a mid-season hissy fit.Jo Morgan on what drives us batty when life in the crew mess gets messy. Read More

M/Y Pet Hate: When did yacht crew get so fussy?

Posted: 8th Jul 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

In an industry where ‘attention to detail’ needs to be ‘obsession to detail’, it is perhaps no surprise that yacht crew have a bewildering array of ‘pet hates’ and phobias. Read More

My Happy Place

Posted: 5th Jul 2013

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

We engineers have to have ‘know-how’ on every little thing, but I'd take a pair of overalls and the hot sweaty heartbeat of the engine room over a chamois any day.One day I will find myself doing an oil change on the main engines ... Read More

Journey Over Water: Nautical Horoscopes

Posted: 3rd Jul 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

There's an excellent chance that you'll travel over water this month. The forecast is for blue skies, except for when it will be raining, or gloomy. Or nighttime. Read More

Repowering, Rebuilding, and Remanufacturing

Posted: 5th Jun 2013

Written by: Charlson C. Smith

Today, the concept of sustainability is both a ubiquitous and welcome concept that has affected not only modern industry but also most aspects of life in the 21st century. Businesswise, doing more with (much) less is now not so mu... Read More

An Argument Against the 'Half Tip' Policy

Posted: 6th May 2013

Written by: Jo Morgan

Imagine if you found out that half the generous tip you gave to the waitress last night for outstanding service had been confiscated by her manager and was being held ransom for a year, in a bid to coerce the waitress into staying... Read More

Dazed and Delighted with Difficult Clients

Posted: 4th May 2013

Written by: Mex

I love being at sea, more a seadog than an hotelier, but the service aspect aboard has become one of the driving factors in the yachting industry. Read More

Engineering Crew Expectations

Posted: 18th Apr 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

Over the years, we have all worked on yachts with overall programs that vary from the very best to the very worst. The right overall package can be a very tough thing to find and is not something you just walk into either; it tak... Read More

A Wine Tour de France

Posted: 9th Apr 2013

Written by: Rod Smith MW

The wines of Europe in general, and those of France in particular, can seem very confusing. This is especially true for people who may have grown up with more familiarly labelled New World wines. In essence the difference for this... Read More

Surfing Aboard

Posted: 11th Mar 2013

Written by: Mex

Nowadays, before guests sip their first cocktail, the first and most common question seems to be: ‘Do you have internet?’ Internet has become a lifeline for some, and rather than surfing the waves, many spend hours surfing the Net... Read More

Fuelling Your Investment

Posted: 8th Mar 2013

Written by: Charlson C. Smith

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the ingenious inception of Dr. Rudolf Diesel’s eponymous creation, and few inventions of similar vintage can claim credit for markedly improving the quality of life of the globe’s populatio... Read More

Provision Me This

Posted: 5th Mar 2013

Written by: Morgan Lonergan

The act, or ‘art,’ of filling a space which is half the required size with twice the required amount of supplies, with the added psychic ability of the provisioner to ascertain with no prior knowledge whatsoever which particular s... Read More

Tender Handling: Crew Training

Posted: 22nd Feb 2013

Written by: Rick Thomas

The water was sparkling like a thousand diamonds in the early morning sun rising over the quiet anchorage. The guests were arriving up on deck, enjoying their first coffee while starting another day in paradise. The deck crew ju... Read More

Managing Inventory and Spares

Posted: 21st Feb 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

Anyone working as an engineer in the marine industry, whether it be on yachts, commercial vessels, or anything in between, knows that organization, orders and tracking, spare parts and inventory are integral to a successful engine... Read More

If You Drive the Yacht, What Drives You?

Posted: 21st Feb 2013

Written by: Mark 'Ted' Street

What drives you can be the route to success, and there are many ways to gauge that success. Sure, money is one of them. So is position, size, program, type of yacht. But for the yacht crew I’ve known to be the happiest, the greate... Read More

A Stellar Cellar On Board

Posted: 15th Feb 2013

Written by: Rod Smith MW

Wine is becoming an increasingly important part of many superyacht trips, whether they are for charter or owner. An understanding of wine is often de-rigueur for many crew nowadays as a result of wine-knowledgeable guests, and the... Read More

Maximizing fluid life can minimize cost

Posted: 17th Jan 2013

Written by: Charlson C. Smith

Although perhaps not as exciting as a new delivery or christening, there are few events more satisfying to owners, captains, and crews than an uneventful return to their vessel’s home port; as the boat approaches its mooring, the ... Read More


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