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How to Survive a Six-Week Charter

Posted: 9th Jul 2014

Written by: Ed Thomas

Ed Thomas guides us through how to survive the stress and absurdities of a long charter, from how to keep yourself positive to the benefits of speaking in a West Country accent. Read More

The 'F' Word: Extreme Sailing in St Petersburg

Posted: 4th Jul 2014

Written by: Richard Donkin

In St Petersburg last week, the River Neva and its historic backdrop of palaces and museums was plastered with triangular advertising billboards that you and I would identify as sails. Competition sailing is big business. Mark Tur... Read More

The Rosé Riviera

Posted: 3rd Jul 2014

Written by: Rod Smith

The epicentre of the yachting world – the Riviera – is also home to one of the world’s most definitive wine styles: Provence Rosé. The two go together like summer and sunshine. Read More

Stowage That Won't Break the Bank

Posted: 25th Jun 2014

Written by: Superyacht Operating Systems

Wouldn't it be great if it didn't cost a fortune to create professional stowage. Doesn't everyone want a beautiful walk in china store to house the yacht's collection of plates, flatware, glassware and accessories? Read More

Do Your Crew Share Your Vision for Success?

Posted: 25th Jun 2014

Written by: Alison Rentoul

As a leader one of the most important skills you can master is the art of making your crew want to do what you want them to do. Not only do you not have time to personally crack the whip continuously or micromanage every single cr... Read More

The Vulnerable Captain: Making Better Hiring Decisions

Posted: 20th Jun 2014

Written by: Simon Harvey

Vulnerability is often seen as weakness, but is in fact a valuable building block in good leadership. If you challenge your hiring habits, you will have a better crew dynamic- and a happier owner. Read More

The Do's and Don'ts of Dockwalking

Posted: 29th May 2014

Written by: Ed Thomas

Almost all newcomers to the yachting industry will have to dockwalk; it's almost a rite of passage. Here are some hints by Ed Thomas on how to raise your chances of success. Read More

Cheeki Rafiki- Questions for the Future

Posted: 21st May 2014

Written by: Richard Donkin

Whatever the outcome of the search for the Cheeki Rafiki crew, the sailing fraternity will need to take a long hard look at this incident to see whether lessons can be learned for the future. Read More

Stew Tips: Fear suede? Fear not!

Posted: 19th May 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Stews often fear or dislike cleaning suede. In her third Q-Tips and Toothpicks column, SYSA's Isobel Odendaal gives some advice about the care and cleaning of this difficult fabric. Read More

Yacht Captains Association Announces New Member Benefits

Posted: 14th May 2014

Written by: Yacht Captains Association

Non-profit association dedicated to professional yacht Captains initiates programs with respected travel, hospitality and financial management companies. Read More

Girls on Deck: One of the Boys

Posted: 30th Apr 2014

Written by: Lisa Dijkshoorn

Stewardesses often tell me they would love to work on deck.In some girls I definitely see the potential, in others not so much. I think they see my tan, and how much fun it appears to be, but it hasn't always been that easy. Read More

The Antibes vs Palma Revelation

Posted: 18th Apr 2014

Written by: Ed Thomas

Before accepting my current job in Antibes, I have to admit that I was fairly anti the place. I had a prejudice against it; my allegiance was to Palma, a city that I loved. Read More

Bad Bunkering in the Pacific

Posted: 8th Apr 2014

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

While diving for treasure on a boat in the South Pacific, the first sign of trouble for engineer Mel Thunderbolt was when she first heard the engine rev a little too high. Read More

Ten Things I Didn't Know: Dockwalking is Fun!

Posted: 28th Mar 2014

Written by: Nikki Ridley

I thought I knew a lot about yachting when I made the decision to join the hordes in Antibes. I suspected dockwalking was a thing to be feared and that I was immune to seasickness. Read More

Stew Tips: The Dreaded Orchids

Posted: 24th Mar 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Most stews have had to look after those dreaded Phalaenopsis orchids. This month’s column is dedicated to tips for keeping them alive for longer than the guests’ arrival day. Read More

Deck Tips: Teak Nemeses

Posted: 21st Mar 2014

Written by: George Evans

When you first begin yachting, it seems everything is novel and no job is too much of a chore. However, after a couple of seasons certain things can induce sudden rage. Read More

10 Things I Didn't Know: Yacht Dogs Drink Evian

Posted: 20th Mar 2014

Written by: Nikki Morgan

It would probably be easier to ask me 10 things that I DID know about yachting when I arrived in Antibes in the summer of 2001. Read More

Ten Things I Didn't Know: Yacht Origami

Posted: 7th Mar 2014

Written by: Lauren Williams

To kick off the new '10 Things' series from OnboardOnline, Lauren Williams tells us 10 things she didn't know before joining yachting, starting with the wonder that is toilet paper origami. Read More

HELM: Steering Crew in a Different Direction?

Posted: 25th Feb 2014

Written by: Elliot Shane

Many yacht crew view the new OOW HELM course as just another money-making opportunity for trainers. Deckhand Elliot Shane argues that there's more to it than that. Read More

The Crew Factor: Are You Cut Out to Sail?

Posted: 21st Feb 2014

Written by: Sandwich

Sailing is long stretches of boredom punctuated by episodes of sheer heart pounding terror. If this still sounds romantic to you, then crewing is a good way to test your resolve. Read More

Introducing the Stew Tips Column

Posted: 21st Feb 2014

Written by: OnboardOnline with Isobel Odendaal

Steward/esses, as a group, have a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to solving problems on board, but are often unable to take advantage of each other’s experience. Read More

Fishy Business

Posted: 4th Feb 2014

Written by: Annie Fischer

Did you know that Mahi-Mahi mate for life? That Orange Roughy live up to 100 years? For a yacht chef, knowing where to buy sustainably-sourced seafood can be a fishy business. Read More

Cabin Fever

Posted: 2nd Feb 2014

Written by: Jo Morgan

If someone had asked my teenage self where I expected to be living in my 30’s, it’s unlikely I would have said I was aiming for a bunk-bed situation. Read More

Ships and Crew Rot in Port: The argument to go to sea

Posted: 15th Jan 2014

Written by: Ted Street

While much has been written about the need for adequate rest for crew, little has been written about what happens when boats and crew get the opposite: too much down-time. Read More

Two Ways to Cross the Atlantic

Posted: 14th Jan 2014

Written by: William Garnier

Author and skipper William Garner shares two dramatically different journeys across the Atlantic- the solitude and discomfort of a solo crossing versus the luxury and camaraderie of a charter yacht. Read More

Disaster: Fire on a Weekend Watch

Posted: 6th Jan 2014

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

In light of the recent yacht fires in Genoa, engineer Mel Thunderbolt shares her own lucky escape from a serious engine room fire and the lessons learnt from the experience. Read More

Big Boats, Small Spaces

Posted: 3rd Jan 2014

Written by: Jelly

It’s safe to assume that you are reading this because you like boats. Maybe you like the atmosphere aboard them and that feeling of being an important part of the crew; or perhaps you enjoy the engineering side; possibly even the ... Read More

5 Questions When Hiring a Yacht Electro-Technical Officer (ETO)

Posted: 31st Dec 2013

Written by: Great Circle Systems

Yachting technology specialist Great Circle Systems shares the first of its 5 most popular blogs of 2013. Read More

Vegan Recipe from Tami Ayers

Posted: 27th Dec 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

Vegan charter coming up? Want to introduce more vegetarian meals into your cheffing repetoire? Chef Tami Ayers from S/Y Marie kindly shares the recipe that won her third place in the fiercely contested Concours de Chef at the rec... Read More

Crew Meals: Caramel five spice meatballs

Posted: 19th Dec 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

Because almost all yacht chefs run out of ideas sometimes, (especially when cooking for crew), OnboardOnline has decided to start an online recipe library.To kick off the series, chef Ivy Dai has kindly given us her recipe for Car... Read More


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