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Big Boats, Small Spaces

Posted: 3rd Jan 2014

Written by: Jelly

It’s safe to assume that you are reading this because you like boats. Maybe you like the atmosphere aboard them and that feeling of being an important part of the crew; or perhaps you enjoy the engineering side; possibly even the ... Read More

Planned Maintenance Schedules - Computer or paper?

Posted: 17th Oct 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

Are computer-based programs the way forward, or is the old fashioned way of paper logs and the ‘Chief’s way of doing things’ still the better option? Read More

The World is Never Enough

Posted: 23rd Sep 2013

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

Mission impossible. On pain of dismissal, engineer Mel Thunderbolt must fly to MTU headquarters in Germany and carry a 37kg turbocharger back to Sardinia...all in 24 hours. Read More

My Happy Place

Posted: 5th Jul 2013

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

We engineers have to have ‘know-how’ on every little thing, but I'd take a pair of overalls and the hot sweaty heartbeat of the engine room over a chamois any day.One day I will find myself doing an oil change on the main engines ... Read More

Repowering, Rebuilding, and Remanufacturing

Posted: 5th Jun 2013

Written by: Charlson C. Smith

Today, the concept of sustainability is both a ubiquitous and welcome concept that has affected not only modern industry but also most aspects of life in the 21st century. Businesswise, doing more with (much) less is now not so mu... Read More

Engineering Crew Expectations

Posted: 18th Apr 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

Over the years, we have all worked on yachts with overall programs that vary from the very best to the very worst. The right overall package can be a very tough thing to find and is not something you just walk into either; it tak... Read More

Fuelling Your Investment

Posted: 8th Mar 2013

Written by: Charlson C. Smith

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the ingenious inception of Dr. Rudolf Diesel’s eponymous creation, and few inventions of similar vintage can claim credit for markedly improving the quality of life of the globe’s populatio... Read More

Managing Inventory and Spares

Posted: 21st Feb 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

Anyone working as an engineer in the marine industry, whether it be on yachts, commercial vessels, or anything in between, knows that organization, orders and tracking, spare parts and inventory are integral to a successful engine... Read More

Maximizing fluid life can minimize cost

Posted: 17th Jan 2013

Written by: Charlson C. Smith

Although perhaps not as exciting as a new delivery or christening, there are few events more satisfying to owners, captains, and crews than an uneventful return to their vessel’s home port; as the boat approaches its mooring, the ... Read More

Stand and Deliver: With no Handover?

Posted: 10th Jan 2013

Written by: Mike Wilson

So, I have been in the industry long enough to have witnessed some interesting situations. Working for the ultra rich is always sure to prompt some interesting stories, and we all have them. I often get a call from a friend, crew... Read More


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