• Crew Health: The Benefits of Fish Oils

    Posted: 26th March 2017 | Written by: Rudi Keil

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    In today’s world we are exposed to such an overload of information when it comes to health and wellness, with endless studies declaring new rules on what we should eat. Fortunately things are pretty clear when it comes to fish oils and there’s hardly a practitioner out there who would dispute the benefits to our health.
  • Crew Health: The Importance of Hydration

    Posted: 5th February 2017 | Written by: Rudi Keil

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    Reading about New Year’s Resolutions in February may make you want to groan, but it's never too late to make positive changes for your health and diet - especially changes you can easily stick to while working onboard your yacht. Let's start by looking at the benefits of optimum hydration.
  • The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

    Posted: 27th December 2016 | Written by: Nadine Escudero

    Coconuts Tahiti
    The oil extracted from coconut meat has been proven to have a number of health benefits as well as a range of uses in cooking, personal care, around the house and for pets. It’s something of a miracle product, and for many years people from the tropics and subtropics have been very creative with its uses. So what makes it so special?
  • Rudi Keil: Crew Fitness Onboard & Ashore

    Posted: 7th November 2016 | Written by: Sam Watson

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    As an ex-professional rugby player, OnboardOnline's new fitness columnist, Rudi Keil, understands the connection between mind, body and spirit for performance and wellbeing. He's also passionate about good nutrition and set up B MOVED to offer an holistic approach to health for professional, private and yachting clients, as well as a service tailored specifically to the needs of crew onboard and ashore.
  • Cooking with Coconut Flour

    Posted: 17th October 2016 | Written by: Nadine Escudero

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    More and more people are discovering the many benefits and uses of coconuts. Aside from extra virgin coconut oil, there are many other great coconut products in the market and one of the must-haves in the galley is organic coconut flour which is also gluten free.
  • Mozambique Yoga Retreat

    Posted: 18th August 2016 | Written by: Caroline Rossy

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    Need to recharge your battery? Have you been through an exhausting season and want some TLC... well come with us to Mozambique to recharge, relax, get healthy and have some fun! Samasthiti Yoga is organizing a yoga retreat in beautiful Mozambique for crew around the world.
  • Crew Workout: Resistance Bands for Abductors

    Posted: 9th March 2016 | Written by: Mark Healy

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    This article features three simple exercises to blast the muscles around your hip and the lateral aspect of your leg, as well as getting your heart pumping of course. All these can be performed without any resistance, but we have introduced the bands to step it up a gear for you. Thank us later!
  • Crew Pilates Studio in Antibes

    Posted: 2nd October 2015 | Written by: Bianca Ljungberg

    THE STUDIO.j logopg
    In March 2014, CREW Pilates started out in a garage in Cape Town, South Africa. Since then, CREW Pilates has grown into an outdoor and on board training culture in the south of France where over a hundred yacht crew and other industry professionals have enjoyed sessions on the mat.
  • Yoga Power Poses to Rock your Day

    Posted: 2nd September 2015 | Written by: Sonja Lockyer

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    Are you interested in body language? I am. I’m fascinated that body language isn’t just about the basic folding your arms when defensive or touching your hair when flirting, it’s so much more. The non-verbal communication of how you move your body can make or break your first date, a job interview and whether or not people like you. It has a massive effect on the quality of your life.
  • Crew Workout: Engaging the Stabilisers

    Posted: 1st September 2015 | Written by: Mark Healy

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    Activating the stabilisers to hold steady is just as important in modern day exercise as it is on board a yacht. A lack of stregth in the muscular sense has the same effect - unable to stay upright or maintain good posture.
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