• The Role of the Yacht Tender Specialist

    Posted: 20th December 2017 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    SYTT boatthumbnail
    MD of Superyacht Tenders and Toys, Josh Richardson, explains how his own experience as a yacht manager purchasing tenders led him to open his own business, and why engaging a tender specialist yields a number of important benefits for yacht owners.
  • The Rise of the Superyacht Submarine

    Posted: 5th March 2017 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Sub with sharks thumb 2
    Personal submarines are the latest must-have accessories for superyacht owners looking for novel ways to enjoy the water, and for guests who aren’t experienced divers to descend up to 1,000m+ to experience far reaching views of the watery deep from inside an acrylic dome.
  • Pumping it up with Inflatables

    Posted: 6th December 2016 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Fun Air Yacht slide 140
    Watersport toys have become an integral part of the experience with superyacht charters and a growing number of manufacturers are also continuing down the route of inflatables, designed with practical and fast deployment, sensible packed down sizes and easy storage.  
  • Josh Richardson on the Business of Superyacht Tenders & Toys

    Posted: 13th November 2016 | Written by: Sam Watson

    Josh portrait 3
    As superyachts get bigger and the quest for novelty continues, there's growing demand for custom tenders and toys at sea and on land. Josh Richardson saw the opportunity to deliver, but there's more to this story than luck. We met up with Josh to learn about the challenges and trends behind the meteoric rise of Superyacht Tenders & Toys.
  • Superyacht Support Vessels: The Changing Nature of the Supply of Toys

    Posted: 25th September 2016 | Written by: Josh Richardson

    Humdingha 140
    With the largest superyachts now measuring in excess of 180m, support vessels are following suit both in size and sophistication. More space means less compromise and there is no longer any need to settle for the middle ground. Having a dedicated support vessel able to carry toys as well as tenders for a range of purposes, instead of one tender for all, is proving very attractive.
  • Clamp Down on Safety for Personal Watercraft in France

    Posted: 26th July 2016 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Jet ski public domain 140
    Reports have been circulating about a number of yachts in French waters having been stopped by the Gendarmerie Maritime for not having lights fitted to the buoyancy aids worn by guests operating personal watercraft (PWCs). Superyacht PWC provides information on a lifejacket light meeting French regulations and a country by country guide on jet ski regulations.
  • Franck Zapata's Inaugural European Flyboard® Championships

    Posted: 11th June 2016 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Franky Zapata and Lindsay McQueen 140
    The inaugural European Flyboard® Championships take place this weekend along the main beach at Cavalaire sur mer, right next to St Tropez in the south of France. Contestants must perform a series of compulsory moves with at least one back flip, and the rest is open to interpretation and nerve!
  • At a Furious Pace

    Posted: 19th January 2016 | Written by: Andrew Trujillo

    Andrew Trujillo Design studio's latest project for Ross-Smith Marine is the 56’ fast motor yacht “FURY”, using an Adam Younger designed hull.
  • RYA / PYA Voluntary Code of Practice for Watersports

    Posted: 13th October 2015 | Written by: Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

    RYA logo
    Every year a variety of new toys arrive on the market and find their way onto superyachts for guests to enjoy during their time on board. These may include personal watercraft, kayaks, sailing dinghies, windsurfers, paddle boards or hover boards, Seabobs and small submarines. The RYA / PYA have now released guidelines for superyacht captains and crew to assist in developing safety management procedures for watersports activities on board your vessel.
  • The World's First Electric Wakeboard - In Video

    Posted: 24th July 2015 | Written by: Radinn

    The world's first electric wakeboard, Wakejet Cruise, can travel up to 46 kmh (28 mph) for 20-40 minutes. The internal system consists of a custom-built electric motor, a total of three computers, GPS, communicating systems and the cutting-edge of lithium-ion battery technology.
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