• Marpoint Case Study: Golden Yachts

    Posted: 7th October 2016 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Marpoint 3G 4G
    These days the most pressing concern of any yacht owner or guest is the quality of the internet on board. Despite massive strides in quality and coverage, it still remains the greatest headache for private and charter yachts, and having a flexible and reliable service is always a priority. With so much choice on the market, here's one solution that made for a very happy IT manager responsible for the fleet of five Golden Yachts
  • Keeping Guests Connected & Happy Onboard

    Posted: 25th September 2016 | Written by: Kellen Blassingame

    Singapore Strait 4
    People expect the same level of connectivity onboard their yachts as they have on land and increasingly you're likely to need a bandwidth upgrade or improved performance from your existing yacht satellite broadband. Here are 5 tips to optimize bandwidth.
  • Excel, Data & the Next Best Thing in Project Management

    Posted: 15th September 2016 | Written by: Ian Hornsby, Hub Ware

    Ian thumb
    Excel is truly one of the IT world’s best productivity ideas … thank you Lotus, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston … ably abetted by Mitch Kapor and then Bill Gates. Thirty years of finessing the original concept doesn’t however change the fact that Excel is one of computing’s grandparents. So what's the next best thing?
  • Hassle Free SIM for the Summer

    Posted: 12th July 2016 | Written by: Diane Franklin

    capacity crunch e3 2
    If it would take a surgical procedure to separate you from your smart phone - you are not alone. A recent report found that, on average, people check their phones 150 times per day and spend 177 minutes using them. Of course owners and guests are no exception, and expect seamless connectivity when they move from shore to yacht.
  • VMAG Transforms a 90m Offshore Vessel into a Luxury Yacht

    Posted: 16th June 2016 | Written by: Sharon Phillips

    VMAG Customised Console 140
    Voyager Maritime Alliance Group is in the process of converting a 90m commercial vessel into a luxury yacht, a project that will take 16 months from start to finish. Design and instrumentation is taking place at VMAG's base in Fort Lauderdale, with manufacturing in Europe by Radio Zeeland.
  • Cisco vs Ruckus: What's on Your Yacht?

    Posted: 13th January 2016 | Written by: Emesto Pena Jr - Great Circles Systems

    wifi 149847 960 720
    These days, being able to connect to the internet is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Part of that is the capabilities of your network and WiFi infrastructure. In this weeks blog we'll go over the things that need to be considered when designing and planning a WiFi network aboard your vessel. What type of equipment will I need? Should I go Cisco or should I go with Ruckus. Well why not both?
  • Where is my Bandwidth?

    Posted: 21st September 2015 | Written by: Daniel Shea

    MTN Maestro 140
    These days, guests and crew alike carry at least as many mobile-connected devices as they have hands. This hyper-connectivity stretches thin the often already low satellite bandwidth onboard many yachts to a point where it is barely usable. Without substantial control, the result is that each user – owners, guests and crew alike – may have an unsatisfying experience.
  • Cell Phones: Give Them the Float Test?

    Posted: 31st August 2015 | Written by: Alison Rentoul

    mobile phones
    Q: Geoff, Captain: Every time I see my crew these days they seem to be on their blooming mobile phones. No-one talks to each other in the crew mess anymore and I’m sure their work is suffering because they’re obsessed with checking their phones every two seconds!
  • Cyber Security: Are You on the Radar?

    Posted: 29th June 2015 | Written by: Rod Hatch

    Cyber thumb3
    On board a superyacht, the more senior you are, the more details you have access to. You know the access codes too. You unlock the computers holding the personal and banking details of all crew members. You keep guest records. Owners and charterers are by definition wealthy: They control wealth-creating assets in the form of companies or financial structures, and they communicate with their assets from on board via your yacht’s IT networks. You're a prime target, and no cyber security means no security at all!
  • Cyber Security On Board

    Posted: 2nd June 2015 | Written by: Amy Levy

    superyacht internet
    You may have seen recent reports in the mainstream press reporting on the rise in cyber attacks at sea, and it's a problem that is only going to increase. You may not think your superyacht’s coffee maker needs to be secure, but if it's connected to your yacht network, it may provide an easy entry point for hackers.
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