• A New Era of Ultra-Flexible Connectivity

    Posted: 16th April 2018 | Written by: Simon Saunders

    e3 thumbnail
    The sixth edition of the Palma Superyacht Show kicks off on 27 April, getting the season in the Med off to a dazzling start. Last year saw Mallorca-based e3 systems introduce Kymeta flat panel antennas to the yachting world at the Palma Show and this year, they are launching a first-of-its-kind bandwidth on demand service.
  • Software to Supercharge Your Two-Way Portable Radio

    Posted: 10th April 2018 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    VesselWatch thumb
    Communications and service technology within the luxury marine industry has evolved immensely over the past few decades. Net-Logic is one company at the vanguard, developers of the world’s first wireless Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) and more recently VesselWatch, intelligent software expanding the capabilities of hand held radios onboard yachts.
  • Secrets to a Successful Boat Show Season

    Posted: 13th March 2018 | Written by: Matthew Hyde

    Matt and Sam thumb2
    Boat Shows are great fun and bring visitors together from all over the world but setting up a booth for a software company can have its challenges. Looking back, two years after our launch of Hunter Oceanic and many a boat show later, we have gathered some tips worth sharing.
  • Captain Cameron Lee on Developing EfficientSea

    Posted: 18th January 2018 | Written by: Sam Watson

    Cameron Lee's game-changing EfficientSea App embodies the dictum that necessity is the mother of all invention. An experienced superyacht captain with over 85,000 sea miles under his belt, Lee was fed up with juggling paperwork and the practical demands of being a captain when the thought struck that there should be an app for that.
  • Seamless Handovers & Crew Vacations

    Posted: 19th December 2017 | Written by: Sam Wheaton

    Sam Wheaton 140
    The holidays are nearing...with the festive joy comes the administrative nightmare of replacing crew who are on leave. The transfer can also cause concern in those away from their boat who just hope that work will continue as usual in their departments, with maintenance performed and critical processes correctly understood. The use of a Planned Maintenance System on a yacht can greatly streamline the transfer of information to new crew.
  • Provisioning & Inventory Made Easy

    Posted: 13th November 2017 | Written by: Matthew Hyde

    Matt and Sam thumb
    Superyachts are well known for being high consumers of provisioning items. For everything from food and toiletries to spare parts and fuel, crew are constantly kept busy with the never ending cycle of managing consumables. However, digital solutions are playing an increasingly important role in improving and streamlining these processes.
  • Meet the Engineers Behind Seahub at Hunter Oceanic

    Posted: 6th June 2017 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Matt Sam at Show thumb2
    You know what they say, it takes one to know one, and that's precisely the philosophy behind Seahub developed by Hunter Oceanic. Built by engineers for engineers, Seahub is an intuitive cloud-based yacht maintenance software conceived by Matt Hyde and Sam Wheaton, old school friends and ex-superyacht engineers who spotted a gap in the market. We met up to find out more.
  • Marpoint Case Study: Golden Yachts

    Posted: 7th October 2016 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    Marpoint 3G 4G
    These days the most pressing concern of any yacht owner or guest is the quality of the internet on board. Despite massive strides in quality and coverage, it still remains the greatest headache for private and charter yachts, and having a flexible and reliable service is always a priority. With so much choice on the market, here's one solution that made for a very happy IT manager responsible for the fleet of five Golden Yachts
  • Keeping Guests Connected & Happy Onboard

    Posted: 25th September 2016 | Written by: Kellen Blassingame

    Singapore Strait 4
    People expect the same level of connectivity onboard their yachts as they have on land and increasingly you're likely to need a bandwidth upgrade or improved performance from your existing yacht satellite broadband. Here are 5 tips to optimize bandwidth.
  • Excel, Data & the Next Best Thing in Project Management

    Posted: 15th September 2016 | Written by: Ian Hornsby, Hub Ware

    Ian thumb
    Excel is truly one of the IT world’s best productivity ideas … thank you Lotus, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston … ably abetted by Mitch Kapor and then Bill Gates. Thirty years of finessing the original concept doesn’t however change the fact that Excel is one of computing’s grandparents. So what's the next best thing?
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