• New Cyber Security Guidelines for Shipping

    Posted: 11th January 2016 | Written by: SAMI

    Shipping Cyber Guidelines
    A new set of cyber security guidelines has been launched for the shipping industry, the first such guidelines designed to assist global firms to tackle potential cyber attacks. These guidelines are now available to download.
  • The Human Element in Shipping: Working with Others

    Posted: 8th December 2015 | Written by: Matti Bargfield

    maritime software thumbnail 5
    What happens when a pilot with 26 years of experience, 10 Chinese crew and a newly delivered 900 TEU vessel meet the San Francisco Bay Bridge? Right - a case study about how humans cooperate with each other, the closure of 27 public beaches and a US$100 million disaster.
  • The Human Element in Shipping - Fatigue and Stress

    Posted: 2nd October 2015 | Written by: Matti Bargfried

    When the US National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB) investigated the worst man-made environmental disaster at sea (EXXON VALDEZ) it concluded that the company had not adequately considered the significant increase in workload caused by minimum manning. 11,000 square miles of ocean were covered in crude oil, causing economic collapse, suicides and billions of dollars in damage. The cause - fatigue.
  • The Human Element in Shipping: Making Mistakes

    Posted: 30th September 2015 | Written by: Matti Bargfield

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    In part three of 'The Human Element' we examine 'Making Mistakes'. Making mistakes allows us to develop skills and to learn something – by simply working with the notion that real outcomes and desired outcomes are equal. Making mistakes is not the problem; the problem is the seriousness of the consequences that result from mistakes in the context our industry.
  • The Human Element in Shipping: Risk-Taking

    Posted: 7th September 2015 | Written by: Matti Bargfried

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    In part 2 of The Human Element we look at Risk Taking and Making Decisions. The guide helps to identify countermeasures to avoid human errors and bad decisions, and how to manage the human element on all levels – from engine room, to bridge, to shore.
  • The Rising Tide of Terror Facing Shipping

    Posted: 19th May 2015 | Written by: Steven Jones, SAMI/ theBridge

    Thumb Terror on Shipping
    In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in Tunis which killed a number of cruise ship passengers, academics, analysts and researchers have been assessing what went wrong, how can passengers be protected and the small matter of who will settle the claims which have arisen.
  • Round Table Addresses Cyber Security

    Posted: 19th May 2015 | Written by: SAMI / theBridge

    cyber logo1
    The Round Table of international shipping associations (RT) comprising BIMCO, ICS, Intercargo and INTERTANKO are developing standards and guidelines to address the major cyber security issues faced by the shipping industry.
  • Must Have Mobile Apps for Seafarers

    Posted: 12th May 2015 | Written by: Emily Barnes / Boat Ed

    Screen Shot 2015 05 12 at 08.39.01
    Mobile apps bring convenience to a wide range of activities these days and the practicality of apps for people at sea are no exception. There are so many apps these days that help you safe at sea as well as many apps that store a large quantity of information about rules and regulations seafarers need to be aware of, and be able to access quickly.
  • Calls for Collective Action on Migrant Crisis

    Posted: 11th May 2015 | Written by: SAMI / The Bridge

    migrants 2
    Thousands of lives will be lost in the Mediterranean unless EU Governments take urgent action, say shipowner groups and seafarer unions.
  • Green Technologies Explored in Retrofit Three-Year Study

    Posted: 22nd April 2015 | Written by: Imtech Marine/ René Nuijten

    A wide-scale industry project ‘RETROFIT’, which aimed to determine efficient methods and tools for retrofitting existing ships with green technologies, has drawn to a close after three years.
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