• Basic Weapons Familiarization for Yacht Crew?

    Posted: 24th June 2016 | Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

    weapons thumb
    After several reports of ISIS operatives finding their way onto migrant boats, the question of basic weapons familiarization for crew has been doing the rounds. In the unlikely event of such an encounter it might be useful to know how to make a firearm 'safe' but, as you'd expect, the reactons on social media in the USA and the Med have been quite different.
  • Mediterranean Migrant Crisis - Planning Ahead

    Posted: 22nd May 2016 | Written by: Wayne Britton & David Summerfield - Securewest

    Wayne and David 140
    The migrant issue is not a new one, nor confined to the Mediterranean, but recent events have highlighted the importance of preparing for such eventualities if cruising in areas where migrants might be encountered and your vessel becomes involved.
  • Personal Safety Ashore - Aide Memoire

    Posted: 1st April 2016 | Written by: Securewest International

    airposrt shutterstock 140
    In light of the increased number of terrorist attacks upon civilians, Securewest International has produced an aide memoire based on incident response procedures, offering practical advice on how to protect yourself if you are caught in the midst of a terror attack, civil unrest, organised or opportunistic crime.
  • Maritime Piracy Outlook 2016

    Posted: 8th March 2016 | Written by: Sebastian Villyn - SAMI

    piracy portrait uS navy
    2015 saw a global increase of 10% in piracy and armed robbery at sea, driven by an increase in the number of cases reported in South-east Asia and the Americas. By contrast, activity levels in East and West Africa continued to fall. With the data for 2015 compiled, what can we expect in four key regions over the next 12 months?
  • Safe Travel in the Age of Small Terror

    Posted: 10th February 2016 | Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

    Safe Travels
    The USA has not always been in a rush to ratify international treaties, with MLC 2006 and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea being outstanding examples. However, the USA pushed the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security) through the IMO in 18 months. Subsequent to the 9/11 attack by hijacked aircraft, the US objective was to protect themselves from a similar attack by sea.
  • Is Shipping Underestimating the Impacts of Cyber Risks?

    Posted: 11th December 2015 | Written by: SAMI Sea Security

    Potential cyber-attacks have risen to become the third biggest risk for UK businesses, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2015. This is a pattern which is repeated across other nations, and while fear of cyber-attack is rising, many firms are still reportedly underestimating the impacts of cyber risks.
  • Caribbean Piracy

    Posted: 4th December 2015 | Written by: SAMI Sea Security

    Trinidad and Tobago CIA WFB Map
    While SE Asia has been the primary focus of most piracy reports in recent months, there are other areas in which the problems still pervade. West and East Africa may have seen dips in the volume of attacks, but one hot spot which is not usually synonymous with pirates has seen a rise in number, frequency and indeed the ferociousness of attacks.
  • Piracy: Focus on South East Asia

    Posted: 30th November 2015 | Written by: SAMI

    piracy boat
    It has been an interesting few months from a global piracy perspective – the same problems abound in the same places, but there are calls for a standardised approach to reporting attacks which is perhaps even more important as data appears to be getting skewed.
  • Drones: A Vision of the Future

    Posted: 25th September 2015 | Written by: Shawn Engbrecht, Cass Global Security

    drone 407393 640
    The arrival of commercial drones has been something of an understated affair. When used in a maritime configuration, drones are one of the most powerful security tools available, especially when fitted with real time video capability with low light capacity. What is NOT being debated is the game changing applications of the technology and how this will affect the yachting industry.
  • Global Trafficking - Letter to US Secretary of State from HRAS

    Posted: 1st September 2015 | Written by: Darren Winter

    copy humanrightsatsea
    Human Rights at Sea, alongside 25 international NGOs, have jointly submitted a letter to the US Secretary of State, The Honourable John F. Kerry concerning the on-going issues of slavery and abuse at sea and abuse of human rights in Thailand that have resulted in Thailand retaining a Tier 3 rating.
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