• The Evolution of Yachts for Leisure

    Posted: 11th August 2017 | Written by: Ian Biles

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    The origins of yachting, like the word itself, probably originate in the Netherlands (which seems kind of appropriate to me). The first yachts were light, fast vessels used to convey important persons or messages and they evolved into vessels whose purpose was to be used purely as pleasure vessels. However, sailing, as a leisure pastime, took a while to catch on.
  • Perspectives on the Safety Culture in Yachting

    Posted: 9th August 2017 | Written by: Sam Watson

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    Working on a superyacht conjures up a lot of things but risk of life and limb isn’t one of them. If you listen to insider stories on incidents and near misses you start to wonder, although the yachting industry is characteristically tight-lipped and a lack of open discussion means nothing much changes. But mention the safety culture in yachting to a range of experts and you get a range of views with a lot of common ground.
  • Crisis at Sea off the Cote d’Azur

    Posted: 24th May 2017 | Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

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    It happened recently near Cannes and the general public knew nothing about it. A superyacht was involved in three MOB incidents, a fire broke out on board, SNSM lifeboats were scrambled, and a burns victim was airlifted by a naval helicopter. Was it a cover-up by the yachting industry?
  • Sea Shepherd's Operation Nemesis

    Posted: 30th April 2017 | Written by: Karen Hockney

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    The crew carrying out Sea Shepherd’s Operation Nemesis recently returned to Fremantle after a three month whale defence campaign in the Southern Ocean. Reflecting on the outcomes, we spoke with the captains of M/Y Ocean Warrior and M/Y Steve Irwin to discuss the work they do and the impact of Sea Shepherd's presence in the Antarctic.
  • Nautical Structures & the Art of Heavy Lifting

    Posted: 28th March 2017 | Written by: Captain Ken Kreisler

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    Nautical Structures is known as the go-to powerhouse for tender handling and boarding systems for superyachts, a niche that's far more creative and diverse than one might think. With a new service hub in Fort Lauderdale and some exciting projects underway, we met with founder Rick Thomas to find out more.
  • Developing Crew Stability: The Crew Turnover Survey

    Posted: 10th March 2017 | Written by: Karen Passman

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    There are many myths and differing perceptions about the causes of crew turnover, but it remains a challenging issues for the superyacht industry. Last year Impact Crew conducted a crew turnover survey to identify the facts and dispel some myths. Here we explore the findings in more detail, look at the real cost of high crew turnover and discover the all-important recipe for improving crew retention.
  • Sea Shepherd: Cool Ships and Conservation

    Posted: 1st March 2017 | Written by: Captain Mark Russell

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    Marine wildlife has been a passion of mine for many years and when Sea Shepherd announced in early 2015 that they were building a new custom patrol vessel in Turkey, I wanted to get involved. Unfortunately the timing was off but later in October 2016 I was engaged to captain the delivery of 56m motor yacht Sam Simon from Italy to Mexico to support ongoing work to protect the few remaining Vaquita porpoises from extinction.
  • Cyberbullying: An Extended Guide

    Posted: 27th December 2016 | Written by: Jenny Holt

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    With the ease and convenience of technology comes a new set of issues. Cyber attacks at sea have increased and it seems hackers can access pretty much anything. Another more sinister abuse of the internet is cyberbullying. It can happen to your kids and it can happen to you, and it can be very upsetting and extremely isolating. So what is cyberbullying and what can you do to stop it?
  • Social Responsibility and Yachting - How we can all get involved

    Posted: 10th October 2016 | Written by: Isobel Odendaal

    Social Responsibility Pixabay 140
    With Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole currently wreaking havoc in the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA, and already having beaten down Haiti, I thought it appropriate in this month’s column, to discuss how yachties can become more socially responsible and have a look at what we can all do to give back to local communities, animal charities and organisations.
  • Reportage from a Voiles Virgin!

    Posted: 8th October 2016 | Written by: Katie Jane Howson

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    This year for the first time I attended the Voiles de St Tropez on the press boat for OnboardOnline. Arriving at the Voiles Village the sense of expectation was palpable and with its infamous location and sailing prestige, synonymous with names such as Rolex, Rothschild, BMW and Club 55, I expected nothing less. 50,000+ visitors has to be for something special.
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