• Yacht Insurance for Dummies

    Posted: 17th February 2018 | Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

    Rod Hatch10
    The only item anybody buys in the hope they are throwing their money away is insurance, regardless of the asset or the risk. In the case of a large yacht, it’s natural to assume that the owner's insurance would cover all eventualities, but what does this mean for the yacht's crew? It's worth knowing to what extent you are covered by the owner's insurance so you can decide for yourself whether you need additional personal cover.
  • When You're Ready to Move Ashore

    Posted: 25th January 2018 | Written by: Mark Upton

    Sibelle 140
    How many people start out in the superyacht industry thinking they will do it forever? Since yachting has never been conducive to having a home life and family the answer is very few. But a job aboard has a habit of turning into a career and many people don't think about what they'll do afterwards or how they'll fund a life ashore until they're already planning their escape.
  • Getting to the Bottom of the B1B2 Visa for Yacht Crew

    Posted: 21st December 2017 | Written by: Sarah Laty

    Sarah Laty 140
    There are many grey areas in the yachting industry, but perhaps none as perpetually frustrating as visas, particularly the B1B2 sought by non-US yacht crew voyaging Stateside. Here, Sarah Laty demystifies the process with tips for getting you through every stage, from the application to full compliance.
  • The CHENNAI SIX - What’s it got to do with Yachting?

    Posted: 20th December 2017 | Written by: Commander Sean O'Reilly

    OO PMSC thumb
    I’m not a regular listener of BBC Radio 2 but my attention was grabbed recently by a chatty news item on the release of six British former Servicemen who have just been liberated after being banged up for 30 months, in what was presumably a very nasty Indian prison. I was also struck by the relevance of this case to the Captains of large yachts.
  • Is VR the Next Disruptor for the Superyacht Industry?

    Posted: 6th November 2017 | Written by: Rebecca Whitlocke

    SWI VR thumb
    Virtual Reality (VR) isn't a new concept, but the yachting industry is awakening to the shift in the digital landscape and looking beyond predictable sales and marketing campaigns. The days of miniature scale yacht models in brokerage offices, print brochures, fly-over videos or renderings with PDFs are changing and VR is leading the way.
  • When Things Go Wrong: Crisis Management

    Posted: 25th September 2017 | Written by: Nick Thomas

    Nick Thomas 140
    Despite well thought out safety standards and increased training for yacht crew, incidents will happen and one doesn’t have to go too far to find them, reported and unreported. In this article I recommend that all levels of management work together to deal with the immediate and subsequent impacts of what may seem initially to be a small incident with the potential to evolve into a full blown crisis. Whatever happens we need to be ready.
  • Superyacht Accident Reporting - A P&I View

    Posted: 23rd September 2017 | Written by: Louise Hall

    Louise Hall 140
    The role of a P&I Club (Protection & Indemnity) is to provide vessel operators with liability insurance in the event of a claim in relation to cargo, collision, damage to/loss of property, people (including crew and passengers), pollution, towage and wreck removal. With this in mind, let's take a look at the frequency and trends in claims recorded during the 2016 policy year.
  • Situational Awareness Onboard & Ashore

    Posted: 22nd September 2017 | Written by: Wayne Britton

    Wayne Britton
    As we’ve already heard earlier in this series on safety in yachting, around 80% of incidents and accidents at sea are caused by human error, often due to a loss of Situational Awareness. Could these have been avoided? Absolutely. We must also consider the near misses and situations that go unreported; we all have our own stories to tell.
  • 10 Steps to Cyber Security

    Posted: 21st September 2017 | Written by: Steve Mair

    Steve Mair2
    Much of the language used in the media around cyber is designed to spread fear and uncertainty. It’s deliberately emotional with the intention of causing some form of reaction, if only to read the article. This is a distortion of the truth. Cyber as a term just means “something to do with computers”, and it’s attached to emotive words like “attack” or “hack”, because they sound scary.
  • Safety Onboard, a Yacht Manager's View

    Posted: 20th September 2017 | Written by: Franc Jansen

    Franc Jansen 140
    The topic of safety covers a lot of ground, so it’s difficult to decide where to start. Without trying to be comprehensive I have picked a few key issues that I think are crucial to the safety of yachts: compliance to the rules and regulations, safety and security, and crew recruitment, training, education, and culture.
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