• My Summer on Elba Island in the Tuscan Archipelago

    Posted: 16th April 2017 | Written by: Jonni Nicole Albetta

    Jonni on beach thumb
    Elba Island, a refuge within Italy's Tuscan Archipelago, has been a popular destination for yachts and tourists for decades. With its idyllic anchorages, crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches, Elba has also been likened to the Caribbean but with better food! Last year my family spent the summer holidays in Elba and it made a lasting impression for all the right reasons.
  • The Story Behind the Photo: Costa Rica’s Sea Turtle Arribada

    Posted: 11th April 2017 | Written by: Christelle Holler

    RH sunset turtles thumb
    Three years ago, after a dive trip organized by Superyacht Private Expeditions we decided to take the time to explore Costa Rica a little further. We had had some of our most vibrant underwater encounters in a world which seemed relatively safe from poaching and illegal fishing, and it felt like we were part of the happy few witnessing marine wildlife absolutely untouched by human activity.
  • Asia Pacific: Focus on New Zealand’s Marinas

    Posted: 11th February 2017 | Written by: Linda Cartlidge

    NZ harbor 140
    With the rise in world-class marinas in nearly every region, New Zealand has also been developing their docks and creating larger berths for larger vessels. Auckland in particular is now home to some excellent marinas and anchorages, with the advantage of world-class refit and maintenance facilities nearby. We spoke to two men on the ground, Charlie Dwyer and Duthie Lidgard of Asia Pacific Superyachts, to learn more.
  • Florida: Boating Capital of the USA

    Posted: 21st January 2017 | Written by: Sonya Matejko

    Miami Boat show
    Is there any state that says 'yachting' more than Florida? More than 900,000 other boat owners agree, and that's what makes it the boating capital of the USA. Whether you like a rugged, rocky beach away from town or being in the middle of a packed, vibrant city- Florida can provide the perfect place to anchor when you're not cruising.
  • Luxury Yacht Charter in the Galapagos Islands

    Posted: 26th November 2016 | Written by: Worth Avenue Yachts

    sealions thumb
    The Galapagos Islands are a feast for the senses, offering magnificent wildlife encounters in a volcanic landscape of desolate beauty. With so much to see and experience, a luxury yacht charter provides the ultimate adventure, a true immersion in nature with the comfort and trimmings of luxury hospitality.
  • The Magic of Sardinia by Land & Sea

    Posted: 21st August 2016 | Written by: Darin Graham

    Su Giudeu Sardinia2
    Every corner of the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia has something to offer, from clear waters and white beaches to rustic cuisine and a culture of longstanding traditions. For anyone who has not yet experienced it, visiting Sardinia is love at first sight. Here's an introduction to some of the best beaches, restaurants and sights not to be missed.
  • Hidden Gems of the Italian Riviera

    Posted: 15th August 2016 | Written by: Rebecca Whitlocke

    Italy thumb 2
    The Italian Riviera, the coastal strip of north-western Italy that greets yachts as they cruise east of the French border is a region of contrasts and a classic introduction to Italy. Here, you can uncover some hidden gems that still retain character - wildflowers on old mule tracks in National Parks, orange trees and vine-carpeted hillsides with osterias and check tablecloths, villages built in spirals and festivals celebrating Italy’s pride in its heritage.
  • 5 Reasons to Base Your Superyacht in New Zealand

    Posted: 13th July 2016 | Written by: Jeanette Tobin

    Maoris 140
    New Zealand ticks all the boxes for superyacht owners considering new cruising grounds to explore or to satisfy the growing number of charter clients looking for culture and adventure. Here are five good reasons to make New Zealand your superyacht base for the next few years...
  • Dory and Nemo Alive and Well on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

    Posted: 10th July 2016 | Written by: Jeni Bone

    The Great Barrier Reef 140 pic credit CSIRO
    Despite recent media reports about the ‘death’ of large swathes of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, experts say the recent major coral bleaching event was restricted to one section of the Reef. The majority of the coral has survived with three quarters in good health and flourishing.
  • UEFA EURO 2016: Hospitality and Superyacht Charters

    Posted: 8th April 2016 | Written by: Chrissie McClatchie

    Comp EURO2016 Cover Front 01
    This summer, all eyes will be focused on France as the country, which has produced such footballing legends as Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry, hosts the UEFA EURO 2016 Championship. Kicking off in Paris on June 10th and culminating in the same stadium with the final on July 10th, the tournament offers an extra incentive to embark on a French Riviera yacht charter this summer.
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