• Captains & Senior Crew Ready to Develop Themselves

    Posted: 15th October 2017 | Written by: Nienke Oort

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    The yacht industry is growing. Not only are more ships being built, they are also growing in size. A 140-meter yacht is no longer an exception. However, the larger the ship, the more crew are needed onboard. Captains and senior crew are opening up to learning effective methods to manage this extended crew.
  • Luxury Hospitality & Asaro: Teaching crew to think outside the box

    Posted: 3rd October 2017 | Written by: Peter Vogel

    LHM Pirate Caribbean 140
    Luxury Hospitality and Asaro are teaching yacht crew how to think outside the box in order to create bespoke events for owners and guests at the very highest level. It's a unique collaboration and at the start of the course it's impossible to imagine an Asaro event, let alone deliver one but, by the end of the day, all that has changed.
  • Yachting Industry Raises the Bar Yet Again

    Posted: 2nd October 2017 | Written by: Diana van Kamp

    LHM Estate 140
    The yachting industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. As we speak there are around 5,800 private yachts and this number is expected to grow to 6,100 by the year 2020. This means the demand for qualified crew will also increase. Luxury Hospitality Academy is already taking service standards to the next level, providing the tools and guidance needed by interior crew, HODs and management.
  • Work with a Leader Instead of a Boss

    Posted: 7th September 2017 | Written by: Peter Vogel

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    Many industries have started working with a method of giving teams leadership instead of tasks. Letting the team work with you instead of for you; work based on motivation, instead of authority. This turnaround is increasingly being adopted on board superyachts. Historically there is a hierarchy on board and, while this is certainly important, it is also an area where better results can be achieved through teamwork than ‘under a boss’.
  • Providing Guests with the Ultimate Service Experience

    Posted: 16th June 2017 | Written by: Nienke Oort & Robyn Santa Maria

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    Working in luxury hospitality aboard a cruise ship or a superyacht while earning a nice salary and travelling the world certainly sounds like a dream job. And it can be, but working as crew is not for everyone. Only those who possess a service-minded attitude and who are prepared to work exceptionally hard will succeed in such demanding environments.
  • New Chef Training Package from Secrets de Cuisine

    Posted: 10th February 2017 | Written by: Jacqui Leigh

    Cedric BW 3
    Secrets de Cuisine now offers a new training package for yacht chefs, incorporating the MCA Ship's Cook Certificate Assessment and Level 3 Food Safety Training with virtual learning environment (VLE) access, an attractively priced all-in-one training solution.
  • The Crew Coach Announces the Superyacht Scholarship 2017

    Posted: 21st December 2016 | Written by: Alison Rentoul

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    Building on the success of the 2016 Superyacht Scholarship, The Crew Coach is delighted to announce that the 2017 edition is now open, giving four more young crew members the opportunity of a lifetime to develop their career in the exciting world of luxury yachting.
  • Warsash: Unlimited Officer Cadetship for Superyacht Crew

    Posted: 28th October 2016 | Written by: Lars Lippuner

    Warsash Superyacht Academy has introduced a new officer cadet training program tailored specifically to the superyacht industry. Sponsored by The Trinity House Corporation, this program is the first of its kind to issue a UK MCA Officer of the Watch (Unlimited) Certificate of Competency (CoC).
  • Life After Yachting - Workshops or Skype

    Posted: 18th August 2016 | Written by: Caroline Rossy

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    Plan now for your life after yachting! I will be hosting weekly workshops every Saturday at 2pm in Antibes, so I can really help you to see where you are at in this 'new' life creation, whether it's still just an idea, or whether you already have a plan but don't know how to make it real. I can also help you if you're already ashore but can't get organised to turn your business into money, or need help managing budgets.
  • PYA Supporting Today's Superyacht Crew: VIDEO

    Posted: 22nd June 2016 | Written by: OnboardOnline

    PYA portrait thumbnail46
    The Professional Yachting Association (PYA) is an active organization dedicated to supporting and developing yacht crew worldwide. The 'voice of yacht crew' since 1991, many people are unaware of the enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, so PYA has released a video to explain some of the projects and intiatives it is currently involved with, and the benefits to yacht crew of becoming a member.
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