• Maiden Voyage for Mission Ocean

    Posted: 17th June 2017 | Written by: Laura Beard

    Mission Ocean logo 6
    Earlier this month, Mission Ocean sailed for the first time on the catamaran that is destined to become our HQ, a platform for oceanographic research, a center of learning to raise awareness of marine pollution, and also our home for the next three years.
  • A Lighter Footprint on the Hop

    Posted: 28th April 2017 | Written by: Laura Beard, Mission Ocean

    coffetogo Pixabay
    I work in yacht management, and I travel A LOT. I am currently averaging four flights a week, and many of my colleagues are hopping from one side of the Atlantic, or from one hemisphere to the other, on a regular basis. It can't be avoided but, with a bit of forward planning there are lots of small changes we can make en route to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Mission Ocean: What Goes Around, Comes Around

    Posted: 14th April 2017 | Written by: Laura Beard

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    The amount of trash in the ocean is increasing every moment, being ingested by fish and entering the food chain. A recent French documentary reported on a study where samples of mussels were taken from across France and Spain and the results were horrendous. Just 100g of mussels can contain up to 57 pieces of microplastic... that’s a lot of plastic for one bowl of moules frites.
  • Mission Ocean: Stop Using Plastic Microbeads!

    Posted: 3rd February 2017 | Written by: Laura Beard

    Microplastics via Flikr. 140jpg
    With growing concern about the health of our oceans, everyone is talking about microbeads. But what are they, and how do they end up in our oceans and lakes? How can you identify them, and what alternatives are there?
  • Mission Ocean: Searching for the Perfect Boat

    Posted: 31st December 2016 | Written by: Laura Beard

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    Mission Ocean will be setting sail from Cannes in June 2017, to promote clean seas and take part in some exciting research projects. But to negotiate the high seas you need a trusty vessel, so the last four months have been a different kind of adventure, scouring boat ads and shipyards across Europe to find the perfect catamaran for our project.
  • The Future: Life, the Universe and Everything

    Posted: 23rd December 2016 | Written by: Shawn Engbrecht

    1024px De Windstoot thumb
    I'll be honest: I wasn't sure whether or not to publish this piece. There are exceptions but, for many people, 2016 was a stinker! Smiles still abound, but when something like this comes across my desk I have to stop and think. It's grim but the sentiment is real, so I'm giving the nod to all those who want to stick two fingers up at a tough year and look ahead to new ways. After all, it's an ill wind...
  • Introducing Mission Ocean

    Posted: 3rd December 2016 | Written by: Sam Watson

    Laura Henrique thumb
    Mission Ocean is the vision of Laura Beard and Henrique Agostinho, two dynamic yachties with a passion to promote clean oceans and an end to plastic pollution. Next year they set off on a three year voyage to promote awareness of marine pollution and we'll be sharing regular updates as their adventure unfolds. To set the scene, Laura talks about the inspiration behind Mission Ocean, and what they hope to achieve.
  • You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat!

    Posted: 4th September 2015 | Written by: Ken Kreisler

    SetRatioSize150200 Capt. Ken4
    If you’re a film fan, you know where this quote came from. It’s the moment in the 1975 release of JAWS when Chief Brody, played by actor Roy Scheider, finally gets an up close and personal glimpse of the shark he, Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Quint (Robert Shaw) have been hunting.
  • Stateside: Boating Biz Buzz

    Posted: 31st July 2015 | Written by: Ken Kreisler

    ken thumbnail6
    Indicators. For most of us who pay attention to economic markers—those particular things that may influence how we buy, save, or use certain products or spend our leisure time—when it comes to the marine industry, and in particular the recreational sector, there were several recent signs during the past few months signifying the overall malaise plaguing various businesses might be easing up.
  • Stateside: Changing of The Guard

    Posted: 29th June 2015 | Written by: Ken Kreisler

    Capt. Ken thumb 3
    The Lauderdale Marine Center in Florida has been a mainstay in the city that, rightly so, owns the title of the yachting capital of the world. For as long as I can remember, this place has always provided a special venue for all things related to getting our boats, yachts, and just about anything nautical squared away and done right.
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