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Onshore Cellars

Fine Wine Supplier for Yachts

Online access to hundreds of wines. Yacht specific wine storage solution. Fast worldwide delivery. Everything you need. Everywhere you go.
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Port Vauban

Regions Serviced

  • World Wide

Products / Services

  • Wine sourcing
  • Wine delivery
  • Wine advice
  • Wine storing

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  • Wine Tasting Terms: Part 2

    Following on from Part 1, here are 10 more wine tasting terms to help you decide which fine wines to add to your yacht's cellar. As well as imagining how a wine...

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  • Wine Tasting Terms: Part 1

    When you're choosing a selection of fine wines for a charter or for your onboard cellar, it really helps to understand the peculiar wine tasting terms on the label. Many are apt...

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  • Onboard Core Wine List

    The summer charter season is fast approaching and we are here to help get your yachts’ wine cellar stocked with the right wines. We have hundreds of fine wines on our website. If...

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  • Onshore Private Reserves

    We all like a spot of plonk every now and again but, have you ever thought about having a large collection of wine for your home once you leave the yachting industry? Or...

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  • Fizz the season for Champagne!

    This time of year always calls for a glass of Champagne to celebrate, especially on New Years Eve. So we thought we would answer some questions so you know a little more...

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  • Christmas Competition!

    Get involved in our Christmas Competition! Tell us about the funniest secrect santa present you have gifted or been given! Upload a picture if you have one! Winner will be chosen by Peter...

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  • Decanting wine

    Your tips and tricks for decanting wine! Your boss or charter guest has asked you to decant a bottle of wine. But how long do you decant it for and how do...

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  • Gadget Review

    A chemistry graduate who claims his new gadget can filter out sulphites in wine as it is poured is seeking $100,000 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The device, named Üllo and pronounced ‘oo-lo’, is...

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  • Your Summer in the Med!

    Summer is here and for most of us that means long charters and busy boss trips but, hopefully in between trips, you will have a day off.

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  • Antibes Crew Catch Up

    Antibes is the yachting hub along the French Rivera. With so many yacht-crew coming in and out of this beautiful town all year round, why not have a monthly catch up! Antibes crew...

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  • Why Choose Onshore Cellars?

    Provisioning in the yachting industry can be very difficult at times. You may have been given a few days notice to the arrival of guests, or they are requesting the unobtainable, or...

    Details »

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